Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facebook For BlackBerry New overhauled

Research In Motion (RIM) all-out overhaul the look of one of their most popular application, Facebook for Blackberry. In the updated version, Facebook appears far more complete with a nice interface, plus a long-awaited features, chat with fellow Facebook members.

Some of the latest features in Facebook for Blackberry

The interface is more stable

When finished downloading the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry, Legal quite surprised, because the first page view is very simple. Only the News Feed feature, the feature 'shared status' that is placed on top. On the right, there are features of 'checking in' to Facebook Places.

On the top right there is the logo of Facebook, which is directed there when the cursor will appear again the entire application is contained in the Facebook for BlackBerry. In the left pane, there are features including email notification and status.

Chat with Facebook users

This feature is arguably the most anticipated features of the Canadian smartphone users. Because chat with fellow Facebook users, was first present in IOS and Android platform.

But do not worry, though late, it comes with a chat feature is very interesting. How not, chat up comes with userinterface similar to other Instant Messaging on BlackBerry. even when there is an incoming message, there will be a special notification. Interesting is not it?

Share 'news feed'

One more breakthrough presented in this BlackBerry Facebook updates, the 'Share'. These shared features users can send all status or any news from fellow members in the form of email, Yahoo Messenger, or BlackBerry Messenger.

Overall, Facebook updates for the blackberry is so complete compared to the previous update. This update can be downloaded at the World App for BlackBerry OS 5 and above.

More Money Saving Apple from the U.S. Government

Perhaps, the government of the United States (U.S.) need to sell Apple's iPhone or iPad. Profits from sales of gadgets are making Apple's cash carrying more than the U.S. government's money.

According to recent data from the U.S. Treasury Department, the cash is now owned by the government of uncle Sam is USD 73.8 billion. The amount is lower than Apple's cash.

As reported by CNN on Saturday (07/30/2011), Apple has the cash as much as USD 76.2 billion at the end of June. The amount is calculated based on the latest financial statements.

Indeed, at a time when the U.S. government continue to make large expenditures, Apple could benefit from sales outside gadgetnya. iPhone, iPad up the iPod, everything is still selling well.

With cash reserves are abundant, there is speculation Apple will do the acquisition of another company. But they said it would be careful with his money.

"We will not let us lose cash by making acquisitions that stupid," said Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, some time ago.

Products Cartridge Recycling Hewlett Packard (HP) record 1 Billion

cartridges recycled
Hewlett Packard (HP) posted a record in the production of cartridges with raw materials that can be recycled. This year, HP managed to produce 1 billion cartridges use a recycled plastic material through the method of 'closed loop' or a closed cycle.

For recycled products, HP took the Group through the LaVergne LaVergne plastics manufacturing facility in Vietnam. LaVergne expansion in Vietnam claimed to have given the HP capacity of an additional volume of plastic used in the production of Original HP cartridges.

LaVergne new factory in Vietnam will accommodate qualifying efforts in the Asia Pacific region, as well as supporting the growth of the volume of Original HP cartridges are made with a closed cycle of the recycling process.

For ease of transportation, the facility was built near the factory Original HP ink cartridges for the Asia Pacific region using local materials so as to suppress the carbon footprint of up to six percent when the facility is fully operational.

"We are excited about the collaboration with LaVergne cartridge recycling initiative in a closed cycle that will help consumers Original HP ink to reduce the impact on the environment," says Annukka Dickens, Head of Environmental Management, HP Asia Pacific and Japan.

LaVergne is known as a manufacturing process recycling industry's first closed cycle. It combines recycled plastic with Original HP ink cartridges of other materials such as mineral water bottles in the manufacture of new Original HP cartridges. More than 1 billion Original HP ink cartridges have been manufactured from plastic RPET process results in a closed cycle since the initiative began in 2005.

From the experience gained through RPET program, in 2009 HP introduced the solution of a closed cycle of polypropylene plastic. Since the program was initiated, 20 million cartridges have been manufactured from polypropylene closed cycle process. In cartridges that use recycled materials, 70 percent of material made from recycled material.

In 2010, HP and LaVergne worked together to develop the first cartridge-degrading machines in the industry capable of more effectively separating the components of plastics, foams, inks, as well as metals from the used cartridge and produces content that can be reused with a higher percentage. This success encouraged the installation of new devices in a variety of HP's recycling facilities, resulting in dramatic improvements in supply chain processes and materials recovery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

VooMote One, Change iPhone into Remote TV

Manufacturers based in Germany called Zero1 tv gush VooMote application called The One that can 'transform' your iPhone into a multi function controller. Not only could make an iPhone as a remote TV, applications can also arrange other electronic devices.

The VooMote One but can work in almost all models of television, he also can run on a DVD player and stereo so users need not move to exert control on those goods. Just by touching a finger to the buttons on the phone, users can run a full control.

Quoted from dailymail Thursday (07/28/2011), he worked with the help of wireless technology and capturing more than 30,000 cord infra red and hundreds of electronic devices. If total, it is compatible with 574 TV brands, 995 brand Top Box / DVR, 151 brand and CD audio.

Another convenience that can be obtained by users is that he has the features of 'Control Room' which allows users to categorize the tools that he wanted to control based on location, for example living room or kitchen. Then with the "One Touch", the user can store frequently used commands and set a number of command with just a click away.

Adding an add-on in your iPhone device will not interfere with the function of smartphones like the camera, the on / off or incoming calls. Unfortunately, the devices can also work on the iPod touch (2G-4G) is only available in the United States at a price of USD 99. Moves Closer to Acquiring a Major British Rival, which has an estimated 70 percent of the online book market in Britain, got closer this week to controlling the rest of it when the Irish Competition Authority approved its pending purchase of a major rival, the Book Depository. But the blessing of the main regulatory body, the Office of Fair Trading, is no sure thing in a country that appears to be more concerned about media monopoly in the wake of the News Corporation hacking scandal.

Organizations of publishers, authors and booksellers have all come out against the deal, whose price was undisclosed but was probably less than $200 million, pocket change for Amazon.

The Book Depository, which focuses on traditionally bound books rather than anything electronic, sometimes seems as if it were designed to be the anti-Amazon: its Web site is ugly and hard to navigate, whatever book I want is always out of stock, the packaging is inadequate and complaints don’t yield much more than a shrug. But the site has one great virtue that prompts me and many others in 100 countries around the world to use it to buy books published in Britain; shipping is free. So an obscure but excellent book by the late travel writer and bon vivant Patrick Leigh Fermor, “Words of Mercury,” costs $11.71 from the Book Depository. If ordered from the United States, from, it would be $20.80.

The Book Depository is trying to quiet any uproar by saying it will continue to operate independently. Otherwise it, like Amazon, is saying little. The Office of Fair Trading declined to comment but is expected to render by the end of August a decision about whether the deal is anticompetitive.

Google Introduces Hotel Search

Google on Thursday joined sites like Kayak, Expedia and by introducing a tool for searching hotels.

Hotel Finder, which Google calls an experiment because it is in early stages and only available in the United States, lets people search hotels in various cities, save those that interest them and book reservations.

The new service, which competes with other travel search engines, comes as Google fights antitrust investigations that include a look at whether Google discriminates against existing Web sites in search results when it enters new businesses.

For instance, since Google introduced local business reviews, social networking and comparison shopping, sites that offer those services have said they worry about whether Google will favor its own products in search results. Google has long said that it does not practice favoritism for Web sites, but gives the user the best result, whether or not that is a Google service.

Hotel Finder links to other hotel search sites, like Expedia and, for booking reservations if they are Google advertisers, and these sites provide Google with price and availability information. Google also links to the hotel’s own Web site. The hotel price ads, as Google calls them, also show up on Google Maps and the main search engine. Advertisers only pay if a user clicks on a price listing.

Google also shows hotels that its own search engine surfaces, which do not yet include price or booking information.

On Hotel Finder, travelers can search hotels in new ways. Google highlights the most popular areas of cities, which is similar to Hipmunk’s service, and Google lets users draw a shape around the part of town they want to search. Google shows whether a price is a good deal or more than most hotels in the area, similar to Bing Travel. Users can also save hotels they like to a short list for easy access.

Hotel Finder shows photos, information and customer reviews and star ratings from Google Places. The photos are provided by a hotel marketing firm called VFM Leonardo.

Google is interested in building more travel search tools, which is why it spent $700 million to buy I.T.A. Software, a flight search company. It has not yet introduced flight search tools and the company said the hotel search did not use I.T.A.’s technology. Microsoft, which also offers flight and hotel search with Bing Travel, fought Google’s acquisition of I.T.A.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mengenal HP Cina Hardware dan Software

Memperbaiki dan Mengenal Telepon HP Cina Hardware dan Software 
 Tanya jawab Masalah masalah yang sering terjadi pada HP cina

Q1. Apa format ffs?
Ini adalah pengaturan data Untuk memenuhi telepon.
Setelah format ffs mendapat telepon negara default, semua data pengguna akan menghapus dan bug / virus akan dihapus.

Q2. Apa jenis berkedip?

Q3. Berapa banyak CPU berbeda ada di sana di telepon Cina?
A.different CPU dan jenis lampu kilat (MTK, SPD Spreadtrum, TI Texas Instrument, Skyworks, AD Analog Device, Infineon)

Q4. Bisakah kita daftar jenis CPU?
Tipe CPU
6230 ....

Lebih jenis

6800 ..... dan sebagainya

Q5. Apa itu NAND dan NOR?

i) NOR:. Intel memperkenalkan flash tipe chip komersial pertama di flash NOR 1988.NOR berbasis telah lama menghapus dan menulis kali, tapi memberikan alamat lengkap dan bus data, yang memungkinkan akses acak ke lokasi memori.

ii) NAND:. NAND adalah jenis 2 flash. Hal ini lebih cepat menghapus dan menulis kali, dan membutuhkan area chip yang lebih kecil per sel. Tt juga memiliki hingga sepuluh kali daya tahan flash NOR. Namun, I / O interface flash NAND tidak menyediakan akses-acak bus alamat eksternal. Sebaliknya, data harus membaca secara blok-bijaksana, dengan ukuran blok khas dari ratusan sampai ribuan bit.

P6. Apa PSRAM?
Memori A.Pseudo-Static Random Access

P7. Apa yang berbeda pinouts HP Cina
A. pinouts:.
D +

Q8. ponsel saya mendapatkan listrik dengan baterai tetapi tidak dengan pasokan daya?
A. Gunakan 4,2 di power supply akan listrik on.Normally ponsel china membutuhkan lebih dari 1100 mA saat ini berkuasa pada itulah mengapa mereka perlu 4,2 V.

Q9. Menggunakan alat baris cina menjalankan boot loader dan kemudian berhenti tapi telepon gagal berkuasa pada?
A. HW kesalahan memeriksa di mana saluran listrik rusak / jumper cut.Make.

Q10. Apa itu jumper?
A. panjang kawat pendek digunakan sementara untuk menyelesaikan rangkaian atau untuk memotong istirahat di sebuah sirkuit pengontrol.

Q11. Ponsel saya tidak melakukan penelusuran dengan alat apapun walaupun itu ON?
A.1.Charging jack buruk solder. (Jika tidak, maka)
phne 2.Ur akan selain u MTK dan mungkin berusaha di tab MTK. Plz mencoba satu per satu dimulai dari speadtru, untuk Infineon ..... etc etc

Q12. telepon saya bekerja sebelum Flash, setelah menampilkan Flash putih?
AU telah menggunakan versi yang salah file.Downlaod flash file yang benar dan kemudian coba lagi

P13. Bagaimana cara saya datang untuk mengetahui versi dari file Flash saya?
A. Menggunakan ponsel cina kepalan alat scan pin dan kemudian tekan "info telepon" atau "boot" option.It akan menunjukkan versi CPU u serta versi Firmware.

Q14. Dalam modus rekayasa saya diaktifkan pilihan kecepatan tinggi. Apa yang harus dilakukan sekarang?
A. Format ur telepon menggunakan perangkat lunak telepon Cina.

P15. bluetooth saya memformat telepon dan sekarang tidak bekerja?
A. Perbaikan IMEI atau Memformat telepon.

P16. apa metode yang aman dari format telepon tanpa membunuhnya?
A.1.Use baud rate yang lebih rendah dan membuat cadangan sebelum Flash.
2.Use benar menghapus alamat.

P17. Aku ingat telepon sekarang acara insert sim
A. Pertama, pastikan digunakan u file flash yang benar .. Jika demikian maka Ini HW kesalahan.
Lakukan sebagai berikut
1.Check sim tray
2.Uisng ohm meter yang memeriksa sambungan / garis yang mengarah ke sim ic.If rusak membuat jumper.
3.Replace ic sim.

P18. Apakah password default dari HP Cina?
A. Biasanya 1122 jika tidak bekerja mencoba 1234,3456,5678,3344

Q19. Bagaimana mengubah bahasa Cina ke Bahasa Inggris?
A. Coba * # 0044 #
Jika tidak berfungsi, maka cobalah
> Set default language: * # 0000 # Kirim
> Atur bahasa Inggris (firmware baru): * # 001 # Kirim
> *** 520 * Ubah bahasa

Q20. Ponsel saya hubung singkat. bagaimana cara memperbaikinya?
1. Hubungkan ponsel dengan power supply
2. Power di atasnya
3. Biarkan selama 2 menit ON
4. Lay ur thumb pada berbagai komponen PCB.
5. Rasakan komponen yang semakin HOT.
6. Hapus komponen itu.

Hasil: Periksa sesak seharusnya dikurangi.

Q21. ponsel HP cina DO mempunyai ROM seperti HTC?

Q22. ponsel cina Dapat unlocked yang terkunci oleh operator beberapa?
A. Sekitar 99% tidak terkunci Mereka. Sudah dibuka.
U dapat menggunakan HP Cina ke negara mana saja.

Q23. Apakah ponsel saya mendukung linux?
A. Tidak ada satu cina mobile di bumi ada yang mendukung Linux.

Q24. Saya akan membeli Cina mini-iphone atau Ciphone. Apa saran ur?
A. Don 't membeli mereka tidak dapat diandalkan Gunakan Iphone asli u jika perlu..

Q25. telepon terputus ketika saya sedang mengubah kartu Sim?
A.formatting ur telepon dengan alat HP Cina profesional akan ON telepon.

Q26. Saya memiliki telepon sim Cina baru dua kali tapi acara itu sim menyisipkan pada kedua Sims?
A. Aktifkan opsi dual sim dalam menu.

Q27. Dimana menemukan kode telepon china? adalah link [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Q28. Dimana menemukan pinout china telepon?
Semua kabel A. pinouts untuk chines Mobiles

Q29. Dimana menemukan Schematics HP Cina?
A. Semua Cina Model & kloning Telepon Schematics

Q30. Saya memformat telepon tetapi terputus?
A. Itu karena u telah menggunakan alamat salah 00xxxx ke 0xxxxx
Gunakan alamat yang benar seperti

Q31. Apakah metode sekarang Bangkit itu?
A. Flash dengan file yang sesuai.

Q32. sigmatel saya punya modus Penerbangan ketika anak saya sedang bermain dengan itu.
Dial * # # # Pergi ke Setting Pabrik
sekarang klik pada sensor pilih jenis akhirnya
memilih gekewei dan tekan ok. konfirmasi (tekan ok dua kali)
Sekarang Anda siap untuk menggunakan kamera

Tanpa jenis sim * # 3646633 #
maka Anda mendapatkan ind wil menu
pilih opsi 5 misc
kemudian pilih opsi 6 menegaskan pengujian
sekarang menu akan terbuka
lalu pilih modus ganda

Q33. Ponsel saya mendapat tanda atau sign earphone handfree?

1.Wash jack handsfree dengan baik pelarut seperti bensin atau CTC.

JIKA tidak memecahkan kemudian lakukan hal berikut
Ohm-meter 2.Take.

3.Attach itu salah satu terminal ke handsfree pin (satu per satu masing-masing di seluruh) dan lainnya untuk komponen yang berbeda dewan khususnya dekat pengisian jack.

4. Titik dimana ohm-meter menunjukkan penuh atau bip membaca atau hambatan Zero membuktikan bahwa ini adalah komponen langsung terhubung ke tangan bebas.

5.Once u menemukan komponen-komponen, memeriksa mereka, mengubah atau mengganti.

Hope ur mengatasi masalah itu.

Q34. Telepon tidak ditampilkan MMC?
penyesuaian Fault b / w MMC dan kartu socket.
Plz MMC memeriksa pintu itu masing-masing atau jaket (mungkin karena membungkuk pin).

Q35. Bluetooth daya tapi gagal untuk pencarian?
A. Format

Q36. Bluetooth tidak memberikan daya pada?
A. Bluetooth dijual kembali IC dengan pasta yang baik. Non fungsi bluetooth adalah problem.Never Perangkat Keras flash .. atau u mendapatkan set mati.

Q37. SPK Telepon telah sound.What rendah lakukan?
A.1.Increase volume dari Menu atau tombol volume.
Sound dapat meningkatkan dengan mengganti SPK tua dengan Pembicara yang cocok.

Q38. Bagaimana format ponsel tanpa Pc tapi dengan kode?
A.try kode ini
default reset (telepon / kode pengguna reset ke default): * # 9998 * 7328 # (terus #)
reset default (telepon / kode pengguna reset ke default): * 01763 * 737381 #
KG300 NVRAM format: 2945 # * # -> menu 15
SL300m reset defaults: * # 987 * 99 # Kirim
*** 000 * Reset P'aturan pabrik
unlocking kode telepon, hanya tekan *** 847 # tanpa simcard

Q39. Ponsel saya tidak masuk dalam MENU enigineering?
Beberapa telepon tidak melakukan rekayasa MENU karena perbedaan software becoz 62xx chip.
Ur telepon terletak pada kategori yang sama.
Juga soetimes rekayasa MENU dinonaktifkan oleh programmer sendiri.

Catatan: tidak pernah masuk dalam rekayasa MENU kecuali u tahu pilihan mana yang memiliki fungsi apa dll

Q40. Ketika saya memasukkan telepon pengisi mengatakan "kontak pengisi Buruk".
A. Hal ini dapat disebabkan hasil kelebihan arus yang ditarik dari charger.
U perlu diperlukan tegangan / mutakhir dalam rangka mengisi ur mobile yang spesifik.
pengisi Mengganti akan memecahkan masalah.

Q41. Modul kamera belum siap (HW prob)
1.Wash konektor kamera dengan CarbonTetraChloride atau pelarut lain.
2.If tidak memecahkan mengganti kamera.
3.If masih belum diselesaikan menggantikan Camera Modul.

Q42. Telepon ini bekerja tanpa sim tetapi tidak sepenuhnya dengan sim?
Sebagian besar ponsel china gagal berkuasa pada sepenuhnya dengan sim karena kurangnya Lancar / ampere.So Periksa tegangan baterai / arus dengan tegangan cukup avo-meter.If / baterai perubahan saat ini.

Q43. Boot OK, tetapi Format failed.what 's masalahnya?
A. reflow Flash chip.

Q44. Cara reset pengaturan telepon dalam kasus virus, lambat bekerja, dll
A. Plz ur telepon Reset ke default pabrik.
Untuk itu pergi ke Menu> Pengaturan> Kembali ke pengaturan awal> password 1122

Q45. telepon tidak membaca MMC Apakah. perangkat lunak atau perangkat keras?
A.100% HW.
Periksa apakah kartu memori ur bekerja atau tidak mengganti it.If not.If ya maka lanjutkan seperti berikut
1.Turn lurus dengan membungkuk konektor jaket MMC.
2.Also bersih MMC socket dengan CTC atau dijual kembali terminal itu.
MMC 3.Reflow IC atau chnage itu.
4.Reflow prosesor mikro (Alasan.: Semua koneksi-koneksi dari MMC jatuh dalam mikro-prosesor)

Q46. Saya memiliki kabel usb dapat i format / flash dengan kabel telepon ini?
A. Ya tapi U harus memodifikasi kabel ini ..

Q47. Ponsel saya tidak bermain video?
A. 1.Try avi, mp4, 3gp dan format lainnya
Coba satu per satu dan memeriksa apakah memainkan video atau tidak
cara 2.Better adalah untuk merekam video dan melihat di mana format ini u saving.once mengetahui format ur u video direkam kemudian akan meng-upload video dari format yang sama.
Catatan: Baru cina telepon mendukung format. Of.vid video.

Q48. Telepon hang setelah dihidupkan!!
A. Ini adalah kesalahan HW.
1.Remove Tombol volume.
2.Check tombol casing dan melihat yang telah pressed.Release kunci tersebut.
Mungkin 3.Phone damage.Disassemble air dan bersihkan dengan pelarut.
4.Resolve chip MTK (juga disebut prosesor mikro)

Q49. Solusi tombol tidak working.Any?
A. Kebanyakan itu terjadi karena konektor keypad buruk dan kadang-kadang karena gangguan fungsi tombol IC.
Cuci Jika ponsel adalah damaged.Here air adalah laporan pengujian [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] # post4783782
Cobalah untuk konektor keypad dijual kembali.
Dijual kembali atau Ganti IC Keypd
Dijual CPU IC (koneksi tombol jatuh di CPU yang perlu yu untuk dijual kembali sementara non-fungsi tombol)

Q50. Satu sim 2 sim bekerja adalah panggilan darurat?
A. Perbaikan IMEI sim sekunder.
Itu saja.

Q51. pengisian jack telepon rusak keluar, masih saya ingin pinouts?
Sebagian besar ponsel sigmatel pinouts tercetak pada PCB.
Apa yang u lakukan hanyalah melepaskan telepon dan lokasi itu.
Mereka terdiri dari: kontak
rx, tx, GND dan Vpp

Q52. Aku berkedip telepon Cina tapi berhenti di 80%?
yang pertama, Itu biasanya karena salah flash atau kesalahan komunikasi yang disebabkan.
kedua, Coba flash dengan firmware yang berbeda.

Q53. Saya tidak bisa menemukan file flash yang baik dalam mendukung situs dan forum apa yang harus dilakukan?
Itu lebih baik bagi u untuk membaca flash penuh dari kerja telepon dan kemudian menulis satu terpengaruh ur's.

Q54. Saya membuat perangkat lunak HP Cina butuh bantuan tentang SDK, dll pemrograman?
A. Hubungi saya (sorot) melalui pm.Will pasti membantu u ASAP.

Q55. saya ingin membeli HP Cina online?
A. Kunjungi di sini

Q56. i need perangkat lunak bebas cina
jika u u pencarian dapat menemukan banyak perangkat lunak bebas dalam forum yang sama dengan ...

Q57. HP Cina saya dead.How untuk membuatnya ON?
Jalankan ini stepwise
1.Format dengan alamat yang benar keamanan daerah.
3.Flash dengan file yang sesuai
4.Do HW
Dalam kasus Hardware membaca ini ...

Q58. Satu sim 2 sim bekerja adalah panggilan darurat?
A. Perbaikan IMEI sim sekunder.
Itu saja.

Q59. telepon menunjukkan layanan tidak.
Format itu jika tidak memecahkan
Repair IMEI
Periksa kontak Hw.Mostly buruk dari terminal antena.

Q60. Bagaimana menemukan testpoint jika mereka r tidak tercetak pada PCB?
A. Anda dapat memeriksa titik uji yang tersedia dengan multimeter
tx / rx akan menunjukkan tegangan 2,7-2,9 volt

Q61. Ponsel saya restart pada mencari masalah (Paling umum dari ponsel dagu) Berikan solusi.!!
Ffs A.1.Format dengan perangkat lunak chines (Jauhkan cadangan sebelum flashing)
s.iF tidak memecahkan menghapus IC bluetooth. (diuji dalam mayoritas telepon)

Q62. Cara menjalankan internet dan MMS di HP Cina saya?
A. Pastikan telepon ur mendukung fitur ini.
Jika ya maka meminta penyedia layanan ur untuk mengirim pengaturan untuk itu phone.Obtain, Simpan, menginstal dan menjalankan ...

Q63. Cara melewatkan kalibrasi?
Gunakan tak terhingga untuk itu dan menginstal versi terakhir dari keajaiban cina
Purna flash mengkalibrasi layar sentuh, itu akan meminta file yang sama yang memberikan u hanya readed.

Q64. Sigmatel saya restart, bagaimana mengatasi masalah ini tanpa PC?
A. Tahan tombol daya 1 menit 10 detik ... dengan baterai diisi .. set ur akan formate & bertanya kalibrasi menyentuh .. melakukan itu ditetapkan ur ok sekarang tanpa pc
(Diuji pada S3)

Q65. Aku tidak idead tentang software, kabel dll dan saya ingin memperbaiki ponsel saya apa yang harus saya lakukan?
A. Jika u tidak apa-apa dan perlu telepon ur akan diperbaiki langsung kemudian mengunjungi setiap penyedia layanan atau laboratorium ur mobile software rumah di dekatnya.

Q66. Ringer, Speaker dan mic semua tidak bekerja?
kasus A. Berikut ini adalah diharapkan
1.handfree masalah, baca ini ....
2.NVRAM rusak, jika demikian Format ponsel dengan chines Software.

Q67. Di layar telepon White apa masalahnya?
A. Pertama-tama periksa apakah u bisa menerima atau membuat panggilan.
> Jika ya maka akan HW kesalahan, Ubah L.C.D
> Jika tidak ada maka akan menjadi masalah perangkat lunak
Penyebab: Seseorang mungkin melintas dengan versi yang salah.
Solusi: Flash ur telepon dengan file flash yang benar.

Q68. Setelah format ponsel saya menunjukkan layar sentuh kalibrasi.
A. Pastikan bahwa layar sentuh adalah Oke.
> Jika ya maka Dengan lewat kalibrasi dengan stylus.
> Jika tidak ada kemudian skip calibrtaion menggunakan infinity.For yang membaca 4 titik lagi.

Q69. Aku tidak memiliki kotak tak terhingga lalu bagaimana bisa un-mengkalibrasi telepon saya?
A. Flash telepon dengan file yang sama dan setelah tidak flash format itu juga tidak mengembalikan pengaturan pabrik.

Q70. Berapa banyak alat yang ada di pasar untuk perangkat lunak HP Cina? dan mana yang terbaik? adalah daftar orang-alat ..
Spideman kotak
Master alat
Infinity kotak
Xintel / vepro
CPF kotak
Di antara mereka spiderman relatif lebih baik karena itu pemindaian cepat.

Q71. Apa scan atau mata-mata?
A. Scan atau mata-mata adalah pilihan untuk menemukan pinouts telepon.

Q72. Dapatkah saya scan pinout ponsel asli terlalu terpisah dari Cina dengan alat cina?
A.yes u dapat memindai pinout ponsel asli seperti Alcatel dan Lg dll dengan alat telepon Cina.

Q73. Apa doeas file flash yang berisi?
Flash chip EEPROM berisi Firmware ditambah.
A. Firmware berisi program untuk menjalankan MMC, tampilan, untuk upaya panggilan
EEPROM berisi User Interface seperti pesan anonim, panggilan log buku telepon dll

Q74.Phone gagal untuk menginstal. Jar atau jad file.What adalah penyebabnya.?
Alasan A. Kemungkinan: Telepon Anda tidak mendukung Java atau emu NEC.
Chinese Phone Hardware and Software (Revised and updated )..... Important. Q1. What format ffs? It is an arrangement of data to meet the phone. After format ffs get a call the default state, all user data will erase and bugs / viruses will be deleted. Q2. What type of flashes? A. NOR, PSRAM, and NAND Q3. How many different CPUs are there in China phone? A.different CPU and the type of flash (MTK, Spreadtrum SPD, TI Texas Instruments, Skyworks, AD Analog Devices, Infineon) Q4. Can we list the CPU type? A. CPU Type 6205 6217 6218 6219 6226 6227 6228 6229 6225 6223 6230 .... More types 6600D 6600M 6600E6600I 6600H 6600R 6800 ..... and so on Q5. What is NAND and NOR? i) NOR:. Intel introduced a flash chip type's first commercial 1988.NOR NOR-based flash has long erase and write times, but provides full address and data buses, allowing random access to memory location. ii) NAND:. NAND flash is a type 2. It is faster erase and write times, and requires a smaller chip area per cell. Tt also has up to ten times the durability of NOR flash. However, I / O interface of NAND flash does not provide random-access external address bus. Instead, data should be read in block-wise, with typical block sizes of hundreds to thousands of bits. P6. What PSRAM? Memory A.Pseudo-Static Random Access Q7. What is different pinouts HP China A. pinouts:. RX TX GND D + D- Vpp Power Q8. I get a phone with battery power but not the power supply? A. 4.2 Use the power supply will power on.Normally china phone requires more than 1100 mA of current to power in that is why they need to be 4.2 V. Q9. Using the line tool to run the boot loader china and then stops but the phone fails to power on? A. HW error checking where the power lines damaged / jumper cut.Make. Q10. What is a jumper? A. short length of wire used temporarily to complete the circuit or to bypass a break in a circuit controller. Q11. My phone will not do a search with any tool, although it ON? A.1.Charging bad solder jack. (Otherwise,) 2.Ur phne but u will probably try at MTK and MTK tab. Plz try one by one starting from speadtru, to Infineon ..... etc etc Q12. My phone worked before the flash, after flash white display? AU has been using the wrong version of flash file.Downlaod correct file and then try again Q13. How I came to know the version of my Flash files? A. Using a cell phone china fist scan tool pin and then press the "phone info" or "boot" option.It will show u the CPU version and firmware version. Q14. In my engineering mode enabled high-speed options. What to do now? A. Format ur phone using the phone's software China. Q15. I format the phone and bluetooth is not working now? A. Formatting repair IMEI or phone. Q16. what safe method of formatting the phone without kill it? A.1.Use a lower baud rate and make a backup before Flash. 2.Use right to delete addresses. P17. I remember the phone now shows insert sim A. First, make sure u use the correct flash file .. If so then it is HW fault. Perform the following 1.Check sim tray 2.Uisng ohm meter to check the connections / lines leading to damaged sim ic.If make jumpers. 3.Replace ic sim. P18. Is the default password of china phone? A. Usually 1122 if it does not work try 1234,3456,5678,3344 Q19. How to change the Chinese language to English? A. Try * # 0044 # If it does not work, then try > Set default language: * # 0000 # Send > Set English language (new firmware): * # 001 # Send > *** 520 * Change language Q20. My phone is short circuited. how do I fix it? A 1. Connect your phone with power supply 2. Power on it 3. Let stand for 2 minutes ON 4. Lay ur thumb on the various components of the PCB. 5. Feel the components of an increasingly HOT. 6. Remove components. Results: Check the tightness should be reduced. Q21. DO have a china phone like the HTC ROM? A. NO Q22. china mobile phones can be unlocked which is locked by the operator a few? A. Approximately 99% They are not locked. Already opened. U can use the HP China to any country. Q23. Does my phone support linux? A. No one on earth there are Chinese mobile that supports Linux. Q24. I would buy a Chinese mini-iphone or Ciphone. What is ur suggestion? A. Don 't buy them unreliable Use the original Iphone u if necessary .. Q25. phone disconnected when I'm changing the Sim card? A.formatting ur phone with a professional China HP will be ON the phone. Q26. I have a new Chinese sim phone twice but it shows insert sim on both Sims? A. Unlock dual sim option in the menu. Q27. Where to find a china phone code? is the link [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Q28. Where to find pinout china phone? All cable A. pinouts for Chines Mobiles Q29. Where to find Schematics china phone? A. All Chinese Models & cloning Telephone Schematics Q30. I format the phone but disconnected? A. That's because u have used the wrong address 00xxxx to 0xxxxx Use the correct address as Q31. Is the method now risen? A. Flash with the appropriate file. Q32. I have SigmaTel Flight mode when my son was playing with it. A. Dial * # # # Go to Factory Settings now click on select type sensor at last choose gekewei and press ok. confirmation (press ok twice) Now you are ready to use the camera OR Without sim type * # 3646633 # then you wil get eng menu select option 5 misc then choose option 6 assert testing now menu will open then select dual mode Q33. My phone got a mark or sign earphone handfree? 1.Wash handsfree jack with a good solvent such as benzene or CTC. IF not solve then do the following 2.Take ohm-meter. 3.Attach was one of the terminals to handsfree pin (one by one each in all) and the other for the different components of the board, especially near the charging jack. 4. The point where the ohm-meter showed full or beep read or barriers Zero proves that this component is directly connected to the hands-free. 5.Once u find components, check them, change or replace. Hope ur address those issues. Q34. The phone is not displayed MMC? Fault adjustment b / w and MMC card socket. MMC Plz check each door or jacket (possibly due to bent pins). Q35. Bluetooth power but failed to search? A. Format Q36. Bluetooth does not provide power on? A. Bluetooth resale IC with a good paste. Non bluetooth function is problem.Never Hardware flash .. or u get a set of dies. Q37. The phone has a low sound.What SPK do? A.1.Increase volume of the Menu key or the volume. Sound can be increased by replacing the old PRS with a suitable speaker. Q38. How to format the phone without a PC but with the code? A.try this code reset defaults (phone / user code reset to default): * # 9998 * 7328 # (hold #) reset defaults (phone / user code reset to default): * 01 763 * 737 381 # KG300 NVRAM format: 2945 # * # -> menu 15 SL300m reset defaults: * # 987 * 99 # Send *** 000 * Reset Factory settings unlocking phone code, only press *** 847 # without simcard Q39. My phone is not included in the MENU enigineering? Some phones do not do because of differences in software engineering MENU becoz 62xx chips. Ur phone is located in the same category. MENU engineering soetimes also disabled by the programmer himself. Note: never go in the engineering MENU unless u know which option has the function of what, etc. Q40. When I insert the charger the phone says "Bad contact charger". A. This can be due to the excess current drawn from the charger. U need to required voltage / current in order to fill ur mobile specific. Changing the filler will solve the problem. Q41. Camera module not ready (HW prob) A. 1.Wash camera connector with CarbonTetraChloride or other solvents. 2.If not resolve to replace the camera. 3.If still not resolved replace the Camera Module. Q42. This phone works without sim but not completely with the sim? A. Most of the china phones fail to power on with sim entirely due to the lack Current / ampere.So Check the battery voltage / current with sufficient voltage avo-meter.If / battery current changes. Q43. Boot OK, but the format failed.what 's the problem? A. Flash chip reflow. Q44. How to reset phone settings in case of viruses, slow work, etc. A. Plz reset ur phone to factory defaults. For that go to Menu> Settings> Restore factory settings> password 1122 Q45. MMC Does not read the phone. software or hardware? A.100% HW. Check if ur memory card is working or not replace it.If not.If yes then proceed as follows 1.Turn straight jacket with a bent connector MMC. Net 2.Also MMC socket with CTC or resale terminal. MMC IC 3.Reflow or chnage it. 4.Reflow micro processor (Alasan.: All connections of MMC fall in micro-processor) Q46. I have a usb cable can i format / flash the phone cord? A. Yeah but U have to modify this cable ... read more ... Q47. My phone will not play video? A. 1.Try avi, mp4, 3gp and other formats Try one by one and check whether or not to play video 2.Better way is to record the video and see where this format saving.once u know u ur video format recorded will then upload the video of the same format. Note: New china phone supports the format. Of.vid video. Q48. Phone hangs when turned on! A. This is a HW fault. 1.Remove Volume keys. 2.Check the casing and see who has pressed.Release key. Maybe 3.Phone damage.Disassemble water and clean with solvent. MTK chip 4.Resolve (is also called micro processor) Q49. Solution button does working.Any? A. Mostly it happens because of bad keypad connector and sometimes due to malfunctioning of the ICs. If the phone is damaged.Here washing water is the test report [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] # Post4783782 Try to plug the keypad resale. Resale or Replace IC Keypd Sale CPU IC (connection button down on the CPU that needs yu to resell while non-function keys) Q50. I want to treat China mobile phone and want to become a professional in ... U need the right equipment such as the flasher box in order to fix ur phone's software. Q51. charging the phone jack broken out, I still want pinouts? Most phones SigmaTel pinouts printed on the PCB. What u do is unplug your phone and location. They consist of: contact rx, tx, GND and Vpp Q52. I blinked Chinese phone, but stopped at 80%? the former, it is usually because either the flash or a communication error caused. second, try flash with different firmware. Q53. I could not find a good flash file in support site and forums what to do? It's better for u to read full flash from working phone and then write one affected ur's. Q54. I create software china phone need help on the SDK, programming, etc.? A. Contact me (highlight) through pm.Will definitely help u ASAP. Q55. I want to buy china phone online? A. Visit here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Q56. i need free software china if u search can find a lot of free software in the same forum with ... Q57. HP China I dead.How to make it ON? Run this stepwise 1.Format with the correct address regional security. 3.Flash with the appropriate file 4.Do HW In the case of hardware to read this ... Q58. One sim 2 sim work is an emergency call? A. Repair IMEI secondary sim. That's it. Q59. phone shows no service. Format it if it does not solve Repair IMEI Check contacts of the terminal antenna Hw.Mostly bad. Q60. How to find testpoint if they r not printed on the PCB? A. You can check the test points are available with a multimeter tx / rx will show the voltage from 2.7 to 2.9 volts Q61. My phone will restart in search of a problem (most commonly from the phone's chin) Give the solution.! Ffs A.1.Format with software Chines (Keep a backup before flashing) s.iF not solve remove bluetooth IC. (Tested in the majority of the phone) Q62. How to run Internet and MMS on my china phone? A. Make sure ur phone supports this feature. If yes then ask ur service provider to send the settings for that phone.Obtain, Save, install and run ... Q63. How to skip the calibration? Use infinity for the 1.Download and install the latest version of the Chinese miracle Full flash calibrate the touch screen, it will request the same file that gives u just readed. 4.done Q64. SigmaTel I restart, how to solve this problem without a PC? A. Hold the power button 1 minute 10 seconds ... the batteries are charged .. ur set will formate & ask touch calibration .. do that ur set is ok now without pc (Tested on S3) Q65. I do not idead about software, cables etc and I want to fix my phone what should I do? A. If u do not need anything and ur phone will be repaired immediately and then visit each service provider or laboratory ur mobile software house nearby. Q66. Ringer, Speaker and mic all does not work? case A. The following are expected 1.handfree problem, read this .... 2.NVRAM damaged, if so format the phone with Chines Software. Q67. On the screen of the White what is the problem? A. First check whether u can receive or make calls. > If yes then will the HW error, Change L.C.D > If no then it will be a software problem Cause: A person may be flashed with the wrong version. Solution: Flash ur phone with correct flash file. Q68. After formatting my phone shows the touch screen calibration. A. Make sure that the touch screen is OK. > If yes then By passing the calibration with the stylus. > If no then skip calibrtaion using infinity.For who read 4 point again. Q69. I do not have infinity box then how can un-calibrate my phone? A. Flash the phone with the same file and not flash after formatting it also does not restore the factory settings. Q70. How many existing tools on the market for software china phone? and which ones are best? is a list of those tools .. Spideman box Master tool Infinity box Xintel / vepro CPF box Among those relatively better spiderman therefore quick scanning. Q71. What scan or spy? A. Scan or spy is a choice to find a phone pinouts. Q72. Can I scan the original cell phone pinout too separate from China with a chinese? A.yes u can scan the original cell phone pinout like Alcatel and LG phone tools etc. with China. Q73. What doeas flash files contain? Firmware Flash EEPROM chip contains a plus. A. Firmware contains the program to run the MMC, the view, for the call EEPROM contains the User Interface as an anonymous message, call log phone book etc. Q74.Phone failed to install. Jar or jad file.What is the cause.? Reason A. Possibilities: Your phone does not support Java or emu NEC.

Trend Micro Not Want to tolerate Ex-Hacker

Tokyo - A lot of antivirus companies and security hackers hijack computer networks as their experts. But this policy does not apply to Trend Micro. At least under the leadership of Eva Chen.

No, we will not tolerate ex-hacker in our company. If I found out there are Trend Micro's former employees hacker, I will send him away," said Eva Chen, President & CEO of Trend Micro in an interview session is limited in Tokyo, Japan, 27 - July 28, 2011.

Eva reasoned, people who had been a hacker had a bad habit that can not be tolerated, even if hackers had expressed repentance.

"Being a hacker is habit. No matter how talented he is, we still could not accept it. For, if there ex-hacker in our company, it was the same we let our company is threatened from within," he snapped.

Eva prefer employees who do have high intelligence but do not nan talented stuff.

"When I was in America, 1987, the first employee we hire one person. He's still 19 years old but already work in Oracle. This kid is really a genius. As a result, after we asked him a school where, we ask him to invite classmates to join us, "Eva said without mentioning the identity of the intended person.

Eva Hostility against hackers, it also confirms, that does not mean she wants to be an enemy of the hackers. But he more regard hackers as' tanding' his opponent.

"Our main competitors instead of Symantec, McAfee, Juniper, or other, but hackers. We must predict all the possibilities for their next step," he said.

We do not want to repeat the mistakes Sony hostile to hackers. You know how to network them paralyzed the PlayStation Network, it's because Sony prosecute hackers. As a result, fellow hacker was revenge. That's why, never the same kinds of hackers," Eva insists .

Yelp Hires a C.F.O. on the Road to Going Public

Yelp, the review site for local businesses, is joining the rush of big-name Web start-ups that want to go public.

The company said Thursday that it had hired a chief financial officer with public company experience, Rob Krolik, typically one of the first steps on the road to an initial public offering. Formerly the C.F.O. of, Mr. Krolik helped take public and led its sale to eBay, where he became vice president of global finance operations.

Yelp, which has raised $131 million in venture capital, would join LinkedIn, Pandora, Facebook, Zynga and Groupon in testing the public markets after a long drought in I.P.O.’s. Many of these companies raised large amounts of money last year to hold out as private companies.

A year and a half ago, Yelp raised $100 million from Elevation Partners in a bid to avoid going public. The company spent $75 million of that buying back shares from employees and early investors so they had some liquidity while Yelp stayed private.

Just before the investment, discussions for Google to buy Yelp for $500 million broke down. Google has since introduced a Yelp competitor, called Google Places.

At the time of the investment, Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp’s chief executive, said he preferred to avoid the costs and burdens of going public. But as the public markets have warmly welcomed other Web start-ups, he has changed his tune, indicating that Yelp is laying the groundwork for a stock offering.

“As Yelp’s C.F.O., Rob will oversee corporate finance, accounting, investor relations and real estate functions,” Mr. Stoppelman wrote in a blog post. “We’re excited to bring this Silicon Valley veteran into the fold, for what will no doubt be a very exciting ride.”

Tech Talk Podcast: Lion

On this week’s Bits: Tech Talk podcast, we take a long look at Lion, the latest version of the Mac operating system, which was released last week. Our discussion is led by Alan Yacavone, an Apple expert on The Times’s information technology team.

The Web may be global but for some sites, it’s tough to leap the language barrier. J.D. Biersdorfer chats with Jack Welde, the chief executive of Smartling, a Web site translation company, about how his company uses the cloud and crowdsourcing to globalize a site.

Ever been rickrolled while surfing the Web? Pedro Rafael Rosado has, and he’s got something to say about it, explaining what the term means and where it came from. (Hint: Cue that ’80s song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”)

The news roundup includes YouTube’s taking up 22 percent of all mobile bandwidth; Wal-Mart’s giving its Vudu video service an extra push, a new Mozilla mobile platform project, the resignation of a top federal government cyberofficial, release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet with 4G service and an Apple security update. Ms. Biersdorfer’s tip of the week is about a feature in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 for Windows called KeyTips, which lets you jump into ribbon menus with just a few keystrokes and shows you what to press.

To find out more about the show and links to topics that were discussed, go to the technology/techtalk.html">Tech Talk page.

You can download the show by subscribing from the New York Times podcast page or directly from iTunes.

For help finding specific segments of the Bits: Tech Talk podcast, use these time codes:

News â€" 33:04

Alan Yacavone/ Mac OS X Lion â€" 25:20

Tech Term â€" 15:16

Smartling / crowd-sourced language translation â€" 12:05

Tip of the Week â€" 3:27

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smartphone Can Make Quick Eye Damage

The use of smartphones seems increasingly common among the people of Indonesia. But be careful, new research suggests smartphone owners can make the eyes quickly broken.

New research shows people who read a text message or internet browsing on smartphones tend to hold this powerful tool much closer than when reading books or newspapers, forcing the eye to work harder than usual.

According to research published in Optometry and Vision Science July issue of this, visibility is close coupled with a small font size on your smartphone, it could increase the burden on people who already wear glasses or lenses box.

"The fact a person who holds your smartphone at close range means that the eye has to work much harder to focus.'s Eyes must work harder to create symptoms such as headaches and eye strain," explained Dr. Mark Rosenfield, a professor at SUNY State College of Optometry in New York City, as reported, Monday (07/25/2011).

Dr. Rosenfield also said the SMS and web browsing on a smartphone can make dry eyes, discomfort and blurred vision after prolonged use. Previous studies also found that up to 90 percent of people who use computers have eye problems.

Dr. Rosenfield get an idea of this research because often see people on the train that uses the smartphone is very close to their eyes. Given the growing number of adults and children who use smartphones to write and receive messages or search for restaurant reviews, it makes sense to measure exactly how close the people holding their phones.

This study is relatively simple. In the early stages, about 130 volunteers with an average age of 23.2 years were asked to hold the smartphone while reading text messages. In different experiments, 100 participants with an average age of 24.9 years, who were then asked to hold their smartphones when reading a web page. Researchers then measured the distance between the device and the eye as well as the size of letters used.

"When I read the text printed in newspapers, books and magazines, working distance of an average of nearly 16 inches (40 cm) from the eye, but the study volunteers who send text messages with a smartphone on average only about 14 inches (35.5 cm). In some people even as close as 7 inches (18 cm), "explained Dr. Rosenfield.

Meanwhile, when viewing a web page, the average working distance was 12.6 inches (32 cm).

"Font (letter) in a text message tends to be slightly larger, averaging about 10 percent of the letters print newspapers, but the letter only 80 percent of web page printing paper size and in some cases even as small as 30 percent," said Rosenfield.

"But there are simple ways to addict smartphones to minimize eye strain, ie by increasing or enlarging the font size on your device," advises Dr.. Scott MacRae, associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences who is also an eye surgeon at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Government Seeks More Information on Google’s Admeld Acquisition

The Justice Department has asked Google for more information and time as it investigates the search giant’s $400 million acquisition of Admeld, a display advertising company, Google said on Wednesday.

The government’s demand, known as a second request, has become common for acquisitions by Google, which the Federal Trade Commission is investigating for possible anticompetitive behavior.

The department last asked Google for more information and time when examining the $700 million acquisition of I.T.A. Software last year. That investigation ultimately lasted eight months and was technology/09google.html">approved with stringent conditions in April.

The Admeld acquisition was announced in June. The company helps Web publishers sell ad space in real time, including with Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google has said that the government is investigating it because the purchase price crosses a threshold.

The second request “doesn’t surprise us, as today’s display advertising industry is very new and highly complex,” Neal Mohan, Google’s vice president of display advertising, wrote in a blog post. “But we’ll work to enable this review to be concluded as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Mohan argued that publishers and advertisers had many options for buying and selling display ads, including three that were new in the last month. In addition to start-ups, Google also competes with big companies like Yahoo and Microsoft in display advertising.

Technology Robot Fly Like Birds

Sophisticated technology allows the robot to imitate human or animal behavior. Like this bird-shaped robot that can actually fly with movements like a real bird.

The technicians at the German technology company, Festo, developed a robot called SmartBird. This robot can automatically on the air, just by flapping its wings at the beginning of the flight.

Mark Fischer as Head of Corporate Design at Festo demonstrates the audience about the permissibility of a robot bird. Appears in the video, the bird flew around the room perfectly and get a standing ovation.

SmartBird terinpirasi by gulls, with a larger form. The width of the wings about two feet and frame are made of carbon fiber. SmartBird movement can be controlled and monitored remotely via radio link.

As quoted   from Cnet, on Tuesday (26/07/2011), the most interesting of SmartBird is fluttering in the air and their movements can be exactly the same as the native birds. This is what makes it fascinating the audience.

"We learned from the birds how to move the wings, but on the other side is also efficient in energy use,"

Tips Delete Multiple Message on BlackBerry

Following the update of a community does not hurt. But sometimes the update messages that are constantly making your inbox becomes fat and no more unsightly. Fortunately your BlackBerry smartphone is equipped with enough features to help in deleting the message quickly.

Delete the message with the keyboard BlackBerry

You go into the folder the message from the home screen. Use the trackpad / trackball to highlight the first message that you want to delete. While press and hold down the CAPS / SHIFT, point trackpad / trackball up or down to select another message. When all the messages you want to delete has become highlighted, release the CAPS / SHIFT, then press the Menu key and click Delete Messages.

If you want to repeat the process on the computer, make sure you select a message in the mailbox and the handheld option. This will ensure that your emails have been deleted from the mailbox.

Deleting all messages by Date

Another way to delete all messages through the delete prior option. Place your cursor in the date, press menu, and select delete prior. All messages by date will be deleted. But we remind you that this will also remove the fuel, SMS / MMS, email, messages sent or all messages that you choose to go into the folder. Email removed with this technique simply delete the email on your mobile phone only, not in the inbox.

You can also clean up some Itam use the search function on the message folder (Mesages -> Menu -> Search, or select the search icon at the bottom). Once you sort out a few items, you can remove it.

Print Books: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Pile of print books.Marnie MacLean

At the end of the week, I’ll be moving west and writing about technology from The New York Times’s San Francisco bureau.

I’ve lived in New York City for 15 years, and over that time have amassed a lot of stuff. My personal belongings are strewn about the city, piled up in my apartment, stuffed into drawers at my office and stacked in a storage space in Brooklyn.

When it came time to pack for the big move, I was forced to cull what I could afford to send out to San Francisco from what I would have to throw away or give to friends. Most decisions were pretty simple; pots and pans, my bicycle and my Apple iPad would all make the trip. Old and now useless electronics and large furniture would stay.

But there was one thing (actually, many of one thing) that I couldn’t decide what to do about –  my print books.

Although I love my print books, e-readers, in one form or another, have become my primary reading device over the past few years. I barely touch my print books, although they are still beautiful and important to me. But they sit on my bookshelf as a decorative and intellectual art form.

I’ve always been a voracious reader, often buying 50 or so books a year, so before I joined the clan of e-reading New Yorkers, I had amassed hundreds of paperback and hardback books.

As I packed for the move, I questioned whether it made financial sense to ship my several hundred books across the country, and more important, if I went through the trouble of doing this, what was the point when they would only sit untouched in a different city, just as they have for so many years in New York?

During a work meeting at The Times, I began talking about my move to San Francisco, and which of my personal belongings would make the trip. When I voiced my reluctance to ship my books, one of my editors, horror-stricken, said: “You have to take your books with you! I mean, they are books. They are so important!”

The book lover in me didn’t disagree, but the practical side of me did. I responded: “What’s the point if I’m not going to use them? I have digital versions now on my Kindle.” I also asked, “If I was talking about throwing away my CD or DVD collection, no one would bat an eyelid.”

As with most discussions that center on the topic of choosing new technology over its analog counterpart, everyone in the room had a passionate opinion about what to do with my books. In discussions with others, friends who work in technology and have fully adopted a digital life all seem to think they should simply be given away or thrown out; those on the other side of the street fervently disagree.

In the end, I decided to leave 80 percent of the books behind, donating them to bookstores and even throwing some old, tattered volumes in the garbage. I still feel guilty about it, but I also feel vindicated by the practicality of my actions.

So although there are a few important print books that will make the trip, most will end up on someone else’s bookshelf, until they are forced to make the same decision too.

Readers, what would you have done? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Phone Windows Mobile Mango Ready released

Microsoft is getting serious about being a player in the smartphone market. This is one of them is evidenced by the release of mobile Mango, the first device to run with operating system Windows Phone 7.5.

Japan became the first country approached by phone, either during the month of September. Japanese operator KDDI and giant mobile phone manufacturers Fujitsu in Tokyo confirmed the release of the press gathering event, so that quoted from TechCrunch on Wednesday (27/07/2011).

Mango is the first mobile phone from a number of handsets that will be issued by Microsoft with its partners within the next few months. Phones with the launch of a new platform that replaces the Windows Mobile is intended to enliven the smart phone market and definitely catch them on the tools Google's Android and Apple's iPhone.

Let's take a brief look at the innards of cell phones owned by Fujitsu Mango style. Mango weighs 113 grams which is equipped with a powerful 2.13 MP camera and internal memory of 32GB. Phones that have a resistance to water waterproof alias has an LCD display of 3.7 inches and its body covered with some bright colors like yellow and pink.

Hundreds of features can also be enjoyed by users Mango, such as 'threads' which will feature SMS, IM and Facebook chat simultaneously in a single conversation. There is also a multitasking app that allows users to access email, listen to music and run the game together. For business browsing, Mango using Internet Explorer 9 to the browsing experience is qualified and he has support on the site HTML 5.

Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications, a maker of mobile phones did not say how prices are priced for Mango. Fujitsu itself is one of a number of companies that towed Microsoft to manufacture handsets in addition to Acer's Mango and ZTE and Nokia.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Application Facebook on the IPad Hidden?

Although it has been anticipated, Facebook has not released an application for the iPad. Yet a shocking news came from a blogger who claims to have found this application in place of 'hidden'.

A blogger who works for the technology website TechCrunch claims to find the Facebook application for the iPad between iPhone applications that already exist. The blogger also claimed that he could wear them for several hours and said to him the application is pretty good.

One of which was commended on its navigation system. Unlike the iPhone application that is considered unattractive and boring, Facebook application for the iPad is more exciting.

It has a menu system on the left side that can be accessed with just one touch or just a flick on the screen iPad. When the user memflip iPad horizontally, then the list of friends who are online will appear and users can chat. Photo-viewer did not miss her, looking steadily, together with the application of IPAD's photographs that already exist.

"Hidden in the code of a Facebook application for the iPhone. Something that has been looked forward to those. IPad apps," he said MG Siegler of TechCrunch as reported by the Telegraph on Wednesday (07/27/2011).

Facebook itself is represented by his spokesperson has not provided confirmation of this application. They just said it was preparing new products and features but for now can not give notice anything.

So if all iPad users can enjoy this pent-up application? Apparently not. Only those who do the jailbreak are able to get the application.