Thursday, July 07, 2011

about Tablet iPad and Galaxy Operating System

What You Should Know about Tablet iPad and Galaxy Operating System

The first wave of tablets with products such as iPad and Galaxy, seen as a smart phone device with a widescreen.

In IOS platform and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) The new, optimized user interface. New applications not only display mutiple columns, but also has a high resolution.

Here are four platforms most commonly found in the tablets currently

(4) RIM BlackBerry Tablet OS
Built to support the BlackBerry service, RIM's platform is a good companion for smart phone users today, but it feels incomplete as a standalone tablet.

Fast performance
Such as IOS, RIM did the right thing, making passionate and neat interface with a memory management issue.

Motion-based interface
Forget the physical button, the Playbook uses movement to bring the user back to the home screen as well as an open switch antaraplikasi.

Wireless data transfer
After connecting the Playbook to your PC, this will create a virtual drive on your desktop money allows you to transfer files wirelessly to the tablet

application bit
As a new platform, do not be surprised if the application on the tablet Playbook relatively few. But RIM claims it makes Playbook compatible with certain programs Android

Not possess the Personal Information Management
Playbook has no independent program for email, calendar, and contacts. So, if you do not have a RIM handsets, tablet Playbook you feel incomplete.

BlackBerry Tablet OS available
BlackBerry Playbook

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