Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Aircraft Flying Without Wings could fast as Jet

Firms from Austria, Austrian Aeronautical Innovative Technology or IAT21 demonstrate the latest innovations homemade aircraft in the event the Paris Air Show.

The plane, named D-Dalus was interesting because it is designed not to have wings and rotors, but claimed to be able to fly as fast as a jet and not a lot of noises.

D-Dalus machine using 4 turbines that spin the opposite for propulsion, each reaching 2200 rpm. Each turbine has a different angle of attack which, according to the designer allows the main driver fired into various directions. This allows the aircraft is launched vertically, hovering and rotating in any direction, even upwards.

In the page Web site, IAT21 revealed that this aircraft has so many new technologies that have been patented. Some of these include friction-free ball at the G-force and maintain the propulsion systems that are at equilibrium conditions making it possible to quickly restore stability in flight.

So far, D-Dalus still a prototype. The prototype developed during the three years it has turbines along the 1.5 meters and can carry cargo weighing 70 kilograms. D-Dalus had undergone initial tests using the 120 bhp KTM engine and flight test, but only in a laboratory near Salzburg.

D-Dalus actually designed to support the activities of search and rescue, disaster monitoring, and surveillance. However, there is possibility to develop it into a passenger plane.

Currently, IAT21 are working with Cranfiled University, UK, to develop aircraft with more powerful motors, the hull is greater, better control systems, as well as seeking a certificate to fly.

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