Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Application Facebook on the IPad Hidden?

Although it has been anticipated, Facebook has not released an application for the iPad. Yet a shocking news came from a blogger who claims to have found this application in place of 'hidden'.

A blogger who works for the technology website TechCrunch claims to find the Facebook application for the iPad between iPhone applications that already exist. The blogger also claimed that he could wear them for several hours and said to him the application is pretty good.

One of which was commended on its navigation system. Unlike the iPhone application that is considered unattractive and boring, Facebook application for the iPad is more exciting.

It has a menu system on the left side that can be accessed with just one touch or just a flick on the screen iPad. When the user memflip iPad horizontally, then the list of friends who are online will appear and users can chat. Photo-viewer did not miss her, looking steadily, together with the application of IPAD's photographs that already exist.

"Hidden in the code of a Facebook application for the iPhone. Something that has been looked forward to those. IPad apps," he said MG Siegler of TechCrunch as reported by the Telegraph on Wednesday (07/27/2011).

Facebook itself is represented by his spokesperson has not provided confirmation of this application. They just said it was preparing new products and features but for now can not give notice anything.

So if all iPad users can enjoy this pent-up application? Apparently not. Only those who do the jailbreak are able to get the application.

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