Saturday, July 23, 2011

BKA warns against banking Trojan

Beware of online banking: A new Trojan pretends alleged defects before transfers and calls with a warning label on the back to committee. The Federal Bank advises customers to ask for advice and caution.
Berlin - The Federal Criminal Police Office warns of a particularly insidious banking Trojan. It reflects an accidental victim before his transfer, should make the customer canceled by remittance to our account of online criminals.

To this end, the Trojans actively interfering in the online banking process: When dialing into the online banking shows the trojan to the user a hint that a credit on his account by mistake had been received. Only if he will transfer them immediately back, his account will be unlocked.

To stitch the foolhardy to lend credibility to manipulate the Trojans in a second step, the display of account transactions in the banking surface: in fact, is a credit balance shown in the overview. Attempts to transfer the victim, the amount returned, the Trojans have the appropriate online form already filled - with the account information of the attacker (or probably a naive helper-money laundering, called a "money mule").

Trojan takes advantage of human weaknesses

Of particular concern: Because the victims of the transfer itself points out, access security mechanisms on the part of the bank, such as pin-and-tan protection. A warning from the antivirus software, many users could click away in the face of authentic-looking "transfer warning" easy. And because the victim believes the time and urge it should pay an Schuder, it might react rashly. The attack is a dangerous mix of online and social-engineering trickery, taking advantage of human weaknesses.

The Trojan is, according to the BKA already active in Germany: "We have received relevant reports from the provinces," explains a BKA spokeswoman SPIEGEL ONLINE, "After the evaluation we had the impression that there is brewing something is why the warning.. "

Although the BKA name the exact Trojan-type can not - a request to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) was initially unanswered - there are tips on how to protect themselves from attack: with a current anti-virus software , but above all with suspicion. A bank would never receive a warning customers to such a request back to committee. Pupils who receives a message, as pointed out, the BKA is to report the transaction to the police. After all, even lying in front of a Trojan infection, possibly, other banking operations could be passed unnoticed.

The Federal Criminal Police Office advises:

If you receive this message on your computer, you make not requested for referral and contact the nearest police station. The used computer is infected by this time with malicious software.
The general rule: keep the update status of their operating system and your anti-virus software used always up to date, this increases the chances that it does not even come to an infection with malware.
Users should be cautious, even for unknown links or attachments in e-mails. Behind it can hide malicious programs, as well as infected or fake websites.

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