Friday, July 15, 2011

blogspot Will Be Deleted, Really?

Surprisingly well with its title, and create wonder picasa service users and blogspot. But if I read the news written by Mashable, the google bukannnya remove these services but to replace it with another name. There is mentioned that the possibility picasa will be renamed into googleblog googlephoto and blogspot. Setengah2 not seem to google in google + launch as an integrated service. Changing all the massive, changed his name with a better name "google"
Of course this becomes a question of blogspot users, because we know blogspot is one of the largest blog service providers other than wordpress. Blogspot alone not really original service from google. Blogspot is a Google acquisition of products from other companies.

Is then blogspost be deleted? If viewed from the level of popularity does not seem to, but if seen from the way the decision could also google yes. All back to google and we can never know what's in their brains. Just like google search algorithms, no one knows what they are thinking and google except God himself.
What effect if blogspot deleted?

Again, probably not deleted but renamed. The effect clearly exists with this name especially if the replacement is replaced is its domain. Some things could have happened with the renaming is

1. Permalink

has been very clear pemalink will change. It is very crucial for SEO and search players that use the dollar as the base blogspot blog. Destination url will be many failures. This failure will automatically increase the number of urls that are not found in google webmaster. Url search premises failure rate is high, will automatically affect the popularity of blogs is good in the eyes of readers as well as in the eyes of search engines

2. Backlink

Create a player seo, backlinks is extremely important even in exact computation algorithm backlink on pandas are still puzzles. By changing the url of the player will lose the backlinks for seo link in not finding that address. for example: backlinks on blogs can not be a backlink on Link does not have the ability to redirect or change the direction of the goal. Passive link in the links that will only lead to the address written on the url.

3. Branding

To the marketers who use blogspot as the address where they promote their products would have to change their url address for the long term. If it happens automatically renaming them must also change the name of their web addresses.

Better this sat we should not worry yet with a developing news on this subject. Google is the service number 1 in the world with employees that could be considered "expert" expert in their field. Google would have thought of it all and will certainly seek the most optimal and minimal "damage". Even if later on blogspot removed and replaced with other names of course google would not be careless with the system migration. Google also does not want the stamp of authoritarian arbitrarily make changes, at least they will surely provide socialization and solutions both technically and in terms of additional benefits.

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