Saturday, July 16, 2011

Company Can Use Avaya to Tame Social Media

Avaya brings service called Social Media Manager. This could be used to improve response to customers through social media.

With these solutions, companies can integrate social media in the sales strategy and customer service. This is part of the solution, the latest Avaya contact center solutions.

The solution allows companies to scan the content of social media, like in Twitter or Facebook, then automatically analyze the content based on relevance.

Results of analysis that can later be used as a basis for giving an appropriate response. It can certainly help improve the customer experience, increase branding, and even add revenue streams.

Social Media Manager can integrate with Avaya Contact Center Aura 6.2. Thus, a customer service agent can simply use a single screen view to manage all interactions.

The existence of automatic monitoring on a particular keyword or phrase to make a customer service agent did not 'flooded tweet'. There is also a sentiment tracking capability to identify users of social media that drives a particular trend.

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