Saturday, July 23, 2011

Facebook adds new features Columns Comments

Facebook continues to innovate to add a variety of social networking features that make this site more exciting. After adding the video chat and tagging photos to your favorite artist Fan Page, Facebook is now enriching the comments field. What kind of features?

Previously, if you want to share a link you must post them on the Facebook wall. Well, now you can do it in the comments field. Stay just enter the link, and after the 'enter' will show a preview of the link, either video or text.

Quoted from Ubergizmo on Saturday (07/23/2011), has just introduced a feature that is planned to soon be launched for Facebook users worldwide. But Facebook does not say when the exact time.

For the record, this new comment feature supports richer content. In addition, users can know the content of links before actually clicking on it. This course can reduce the risk of clicking on links containing malware or virus scam.

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