Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facebook For BlackBerry New overhauled

Research In Motion (RIM) all-out overhaul the look of one of their most popular application, Facebook for Blackberry. In the updated version, Facebook appears far more complete with a nice interface, plus a long-awaited features, chat with fellow Facebook members.

Some of the latest features in Facebook for Blackberry

The interface is more stable

When finished downloading the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry, Legal quite surprised, because the first page view is very simple. Only the News Feed feature, the feature 'shared status' that is placed on top. On the right, there are features of 'checking in' to Facebook Places.

On the top right there is the logo of Facebook, which is directed there when the cursor will appear again the entire application is contained in the Facebook for BlackBerry. In the left pane, there are features including email notification and status.

Chat with Facebook users

This feature is arguably the most anticipated features of the Canadian smartphone users. Because chat with fellow Facebook users, was first present in IOS and Android platform.

But do not worry, though late, it comes with a chat feature is very interesting. How not, chat up comes with userinterface similar to other Instant Messaging on BlackBerry. even when there is an incoming message, there will be a special notification. Interesting is not it?

Share 'news feed'

One more breakthrough presented in this BlackBerry Facebook updates, the 'Share'. These shared features users can send all status or any news from fellow members in the form of email, Yahoo Messenger, or BlackBerry Messenger.

Overall, Facebook updates for the blackberry is so complete compared to the previous update. This update can be downloaded at the World App for BlackBerry OS 5 and above.

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