Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google+ Challenge Facebook compete Social Networking

Search engine giant Google reportedly has launched a new social networking website in an attempt to rival Facebook, which is now recognized to have more than 500 million users.

Google + is the name of the new social network, which not only allows individuals to share photos, messages and comments but also integrates maps and pictures of the company into layanannya.Hal it also aims to help users easily manage contacts list in the group.

Analysts said Google is easily regenerates features like those found on Facebook by adding video chat functionality.

Google, which now handles approximately two of every three internet search in the U.S., has made some 'blow' on up in this year. But Google's previous efforts ended in failure, both with Google and Google Buzz Wave which proved less popular among users.

New Functions

+ Google relies on four features. Circle that allows individuals to put friends into groups, allowing users to share various forms with different content can be directed kekelompok of friends.

Hangouts, is a multi user video conferencing function that allows our friends to come out directly into the group conversation.

Huddle is an instant messaging group. And Sparks, linking individuals in the network with others who have similar interests.

The current version of Google + only launched for a limited number of users, but the company said it will soon provide social networking for millions of people who use its services every day.

"Share online requires a serious rethinking, so it's time we started," said Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at Google in a press release.

"The other social networking presents difficulties in selective sharing with a small group," he added, acknowledging his appearance was a blow for the function of grouping up today.

But some observers say Google has a difficult time to change the Facebook user to log in to their new social networks.

"People have their social circles on Facebook - asking them to create a social circle is another challenge," said Debra Aho Williamson, chief analyst from research firm eMarketer.

"The whole idea of Google's social networking .... they have to throw something against a wall thickness of competition for many years and so they do not get caught," he added.

In April, Google is rumored to be separated from a decision of the court with a group of U.S. policy for the case of Google's launch of Buzz, which is the Google of social media before.

Legal action was revealed that Google has been deceiving its users, and abusing their own privacy policies by automatically changing all Gmail users into the network of social media buzz without trying to ask permission first.

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