Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Era of Mobile, HTML5 will Excellence

It is undeniable Flash has become an important part in the virtual world today. Multimedia content that provides animation to video utilizing Adobe technologies such. However, as the development of technology, Flash is proprietary mlai rivaled any other technology that is more flexible.

In fact, Apple, one of the major players in binsis computers and smartphones today refused to Flash on all devices. The reason Flash is difficult to grow and does not match the demands of the times. Instead Adobe survive that with the many existing web content using Flash, action as did Apple just give disappointment to the consumer.

But, Apple CEO Steve Jobs believes that Apple left the Flash will not reduce the experience of full Web access. According to Jobs it is not true because in addition to Flash, most of the videos on the web also supports the H.264 standard, so without the Flash was not really a problem.

"We strongly believe all that supports web standards should be open. Instead of using Flash, Apple would prefer to adopt HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, everything is an open standard," Jobs said in the article on Apple's website on Thursday (29/04/2010) which highlights Flash and Apple's defective welds meningglakannya. Apple even created an open standard for the web called WebKit, the engine based on open source HTML5 reader which is now used broser Android, Nokia, and later the BlackBerry.

According to Flash is the technology of the past which is suitable only for computers that use the mouse but not suitable for touch screen devices are becoming a trend today and the future. He is optimistic that HTML5 will not only surpass Flash in mobile devices but also on the computer.

"Open standards are created in the era of mobile as HTML5 will win on mobile devices and even PC. Perhaps Adobe should be more focus on developing devices HTML5 support for his future and begin to reduce criticism to Apple," Jobs lid.

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