Saturday, July 09, 2011

Intel Atom Z670, Special Processors for Tablet

Intel Corporation broke new ground by launching a special processor for tablets, Intel Atom Z670. Some tablets are already using processors that include Evolve III, Fujitsu Limited and Lenovo.

The processor comes with an Intel chipset SM35 Express commonly used on laptop and desktop computers.

Santhosh Viswanathan, Intel Corporation's Chief Representative of Indonesia, said that the Intel Atom Z670 processor which is also called "Oak Trail" can enhance the ability of high definition (HD) video playback, Internet speed, battery life without sacrificing the performance of the tablet.

"This new processor will provide exceptional performance and improve battery life," Santhosh said in a press conference at the Office of Intel Indonesia at the World Trade Center Sudirman in Jakarta, Tuesday (14 / 6).

For the multimedia business, the processor "Oak Trail" has been integrated graphics, supports video decode 1080p with HDMI technology and support Adobe Flash 10 so as to facilitate some flash-based games.

In audio, Intel pinning Intel High Definition Audio to deliver home theater-like sound quality.

Embed feature Intel Enhanced Intel Deeper Sleep that is able to save a lot of power when in a state of unused tablets. Low power consumption that allows the tablet to use many applications from various operating systems.

Remarkably, the Intel "Oak Trail" is able to walk into many of the Android operating system, Windows, MeeGo even Google Chrome.

"This processor consuming just 3 watts, clearly saving," said David Tjahjadi, Channel Platform Manager Indonesia.
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Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter of this year, Intel will release a new processor is a processor "Cedar Trail" for laptops and desktops that will enhance the graphics capabilities including support for Blu-ray 2.0

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