Saturday, July 09, 2011

Main players of China, Baidu and Microsoft Bing, join in Search Engines

A new agreement is made, will reportedly make Microsoft Bing provides search results for the most popular search engine China, "Baidu". However, the search results will reportedly not be separated from censored.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Microsoft has reportedly signed a deal with China's top search engine company Baidu, in order to provide a page that the search service with English-speaking sensors.

Baidu, with 83 percent of predominantly local and successful building services in China said today that Microsoft Bing will also present at the site at the end of the year.

China currently has 450 million Internet users, although only 30 percent of the online population grows rapidly and its image. Baidu and Microsoft previously worked in the mobile search service and in optimizing web pages.

Google previously tried to enter the China market, but back last year. The company admitted it was not convenient to meet the search results are censored according to Chinese government demands, which eventually moved its operations to Hong Kong service.

China recently, let bagaimananpun more difficult to access Google services from mainland China and the relationship seemed to deteriorate further. Google claimed to have Gmail hacking attacks on his system which originates from China, and Chinese government accuses the search engine otherwise it becomes sebiah "political tool"

Baidu said it currently receives more than 10 million searches per day in English, search results are now available in Chinese. The company said it is trying to improve the English-language service for many years. "More and more people here who are looking to the context in English," says Kaiser Kuo, a spokesman for the company.

"But Baidu's service has not been perfect. So here's a way for us to do," he says adding.

Details of the deal were not disclosed. Shen Xiangyang, Microsoft's senior vice president of Global said "Bing cooperation with Baidu will enable Baidu users get the experience of English-language search results are better and added that it also suck up a lot of Chinese users to the Bing.

After Google out of China last year after controversy censorship, Baidu saw a significant increase between the two things are both market price and the number of users. While Google currently has 20 percent of the market in China, and Microsoft's market does not exist. Baidu's market share this year alone has increased 48 percent.

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  25. Baidu also said it is trying to expand its services beyond the China market, while Microsoft announced that the update that will come in the Windows operating system phonenya, offered by Nokia among others, which will support services in Chinese. Although Nokia has a strong position in China, Baidu also reported to be partnering with a mobile operating system property.

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