Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phone Windows Mobile Mango Ready released

Microsoft is getting serious about being a player in the smartphone market. This is one of them is evidenced by the release of mobile Mango, the first device to run with operating system Windows Phone 7.5.

Japan became the first country approached by phone, either during the month of September. Japanese operator KDDI and giant mobile phone manufacturers Fujitsu in Tokyo confirmed the release of the press gathering event, so that quoted from TechCrunch on Wednesday (27/07/2011).

Mango is the first mobile phone from a number of handsets that will be issued by Microsoft with its partners within the next few months. Phones with the launch of a new platform that replaces the Windows Mobile is intended to enliven the smart phone market and definitely catch them on the tools Google's Android and Apple's iPhone.

Let's take a brief look at the innards of cell phones owned by Fujitsu Mango style. Mango weighs 113 grams which is equipped with a powerful 2.13 MP camera and internal memory of 32GB. Phones that have a resistance to water waterproof alias has an LCD display of 3.7 inches and its body covered with some bright colors like yellow and pink.

Hundreds of features can also be enjoyed by users Mango, such as 'threads' which will feature SMS, IM and Facebook chat simultaneously in a single conversation. There is also a multitasking app that allows users to access email, listen to music and run the game together. For business browsing, Mango using Internet Explorer 9 to the browsing experience is qualified and he has support on the site HTML 5.

Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications, a maker of mobile phones did not say how prices are priced for Mango. Fujitsu itself is one of a number of companies that towed Microsoft to manufacture handsets in addition to Acer's Mango and ZTE and Nokia.

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