Monday, July 11, 2011

Robot Soccer World Cup Held with Titled RoboCup 2011

Soccer world cup does not belong only to humans, the robot also has a similar event. Titled RoboCup 2011, the best footballer robots from various countries gathered in Istanbul, Turkey, to begin the kick-off.

In contrast to previous years, after 14 years of rolling, which was held this year's RoboCup is designed to prepare a more sophisticated robot footballer. Even those staying footballer prepared to beat the next man in 2050.

Reported by the BBC on Tuesday (12/07/2011), this competition aims to mobilize innovation in the manufacture of robots. In a football game, the robots are trained to handle various problems.

Not only the basics such as vision problems or vision, these robots must also be able to work together as a team. All robots that play should be automatic, although the machine can deliver information wirelessly.

RoboCup robotic quality has always been progressing and the number of participants who followed him. In 2010, about 500 teams from 40 countries including Iran, Taiwan and Chile took part in this event.

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