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Rumors about Google s Nexus 4G

Thanksgiving with Android "Ice Cream Sandwich"
It has a giant screen that is incredibly fast, super-flat - and so far only a rumor: The Nexus 4G, Google's next high-end phone. A U.S. website will now have received information about the future Google phone - for Thanksgiving, it could be so far.
Hamburg - The name Nexus has almost become a tradition at Google. Nexus is always the current flagship mobile phone in the Group. There is always the one phone in the Google pack everything into it to date technology. The need to use the latest version of the Android mobile operating system with its latest features. The "Boy Genius Report" ("BGR") is now, according to the next nexus in planning - and will probably soon go on sale.

Originate from whom the information will "BGR" does not reveal this much: They have received exclusive. In the past, the tech blog was right on many occasions with its gossip messages.

What the "BGR" writers were now supposedly gesäuselt about the new Nexus-ear model, makes the mouth water gadget fans. Some of these features are indeed so obvious that you do not need secret sources at Google, in order to piece together. Other information will be amazing and yet so specific that they do not convey the impression, as someone here would have only just come.

4 outclasses the iPhone?

This concerns mainly the processor to be powered by the Google's new high-end mobile phone. Previously it was thought, Google will use nVidia's new Kal-El chip with four cores to achieve ultra high video resolutions and will be available from August. According to "BGR" Google has chosen to deal with but otherwise, decide instead to either use a chip from Texas Instruments OMAP or Qualcomm's Snapdragon. The clock frequency will be at 1.2 or 1.5 gigahertz, which promises in combination with a gigabyte of memory, the "BGR", promises a lot of driving.

Uses the processing power is fueling apparently mainly to the supposedly huge display. Of 4.5-inch screen is the speech, a value that approaches already close to tablet dimensions. In combination with the resolution of 720p (1280 x 720 pixels), which will supply the display said that Nexus would thus turn into a mobile mini-HD TV - and declassify very casual way, the retina of the display iPhone 4.

Suitable for Christmas turkey and goose
External video to Google's mobile phone can play videos and even apparently in full HD resolution (1080p). More importantly, however, that it should be equipped with the LTE fourth generation wireless technology - hence the name Nexus 4G. This would make it a prime candidate in the U.S., for example as a showcase for the mobile LTE Network by AT & T. And even in this country are likely to Vodafone and T-Mobile happy about such a smart and fast smartphone that drives customers into their new LTE areas.

But above all, the next nexus has to be there, "BGR" quite right, the flagship mobile phone for the 4.0 version of Android, code-named "Ice Cream Sandwich". Because traditionally I feel the introduction of a new version of Android accompanied by the introduction of a similar high-end device, the software developers to serve as a reference and development platform. For these were the Android T-Mobile G1, the Nexus One, the Nexus S and 3 for the Motorola Android Xoom.

Whether it will follow in this lineage is now actually a nexus of 4G, we are experienced in the worst case until the end of November. Namely, when is celebrated on the fourth weekend in November in the U.S. Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving), the new Nexus come on the market. That would be just in time for the holiday shopping season. If it's wrong.

Editor's note: An earlier version of the text it was said that Android is one with the Nexus One was delivered. Some readers pointed out to us that this is wrong - and are right. The first Android phone was the G1 from T-Mobile. We apologize for the error.

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