Friday, July 15, 2011

Sony preparing to market the two computers tablet S1 & S2

Sony S1 dan S2 (pcworld)
Sony preparing to market the two-tablet computer called S1 and S2. One of the primary market being targeted Japanese electronics giant is Uncle Sam's country, the United States.

Telecom operator AT & T will become the exclusive sales partner S2 tablets. The tablet has a unique shape with two touch screen measuring 5.5 inches each. The tablet will support 4G networks by AT & T.

Electronista As of Friday (15/07/2011), if not subsidized by the operator, the Sony S2 reportedly will be priced in the range of USD 699. In dollars, worth about USD 6 million.

S1 brother is a tablet with 9.4-inch screen sizes. These tablets have a form factor such as tablet computers are common on the market. Both S1 and S2 have been running the Android operating system Honeycomb, OS specifically made ​​for the tablet.

It is estimated, the two tablets on sale in September 2011. Here are some photos that capture the Sony S1 and S2:

This is the tablet Sony S2 with two touch screens. Looks fits in the hand.

Tablet S2 have prosesor dual core Nvidia Tegra 2.

S2 tablet looks from behind. On the right side is the camera.

Tablet Sony S1 looks from the front.

One of the menu display in the S1

Tablet S1 looks from the side

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