Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transformed into Optimus Black White

Success brings new black phone named Optimus Black, LG directly presenting the white version of the mobile phone. Whether the specifications are the same?

LG Optimus Black and white color is going to called Optimus White. This phone will soon be present in Europe, India, and Asia.

Like his twin brother, Optimus White has a 4 inch screen with Gorilla Glass technology. From the innards, he comes A8 processor 1 Ghz, with Android OS 2.2.

With display technologies that uses Nova, full touch screen mobile phone screen design is said to be able to present a better view when taken outdoors. Energy consumption also claimed 50% more efficient than the kinds of regular LCDs.

As quoted from Techtree, Tuesday (12/07/2011), Optimus White is equipped with two cameras, to the back of the 5-megapixel 2-megapixel while the front and claimed to be the first in the world.

In the Netherlands, this phone is packed with Sizz operator.

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