Friday, July 01, 2011

Using Thunderbolt with Boot Camp and Windows 7

Thunderbolt enabled Mac computers can use Thunderbolt technology while running Boot Camp with Windows 7. Learn more about the behavior of Thunderbolt devices using Boot Camp and Windows 7.

Why isn't my device recognized when I plug it directly into the Thunderbolt port?While it starts up, Windows 7 scans and activates devices connected directly to the Thunderbolt port. If a device is not directly connected when the computer starts up, Windows 7 will not recognize the device.
Can I plug and unplug devices into a Thunderbolt peripheral that is already recognized?Yes. That is the best way to add and remove devices from the Thunderbolt chain while Windows 7 is running.

Does the Thunderbolt port supply power to devices when running Windows 7?
Yes. Thunderbolt supplies power to devices that are directly connected to a Thunderbolt port only. Using a device that is powered though the Thunderbolt cable will deplete the battery if your are using a portable Macintosh that is not plugged into an AC outlet. If your Thunderbolt device came with an AC adapter, you should use it.
My Macintosh running Windows 7 does not sleep when a Thunderbolt device is plugged in. Is this normal?Yes. Sleep is disabled in Windows 7 while a Thunderbolt device is plugged in.
Can I use Target Display Mode with Boot Camp and Windows 7 using a Thunderbolt capable iMac?
No. Target Display Mode is not supported using Boot Camp and Windows 7 on a Thunderbolt capable iMac.
If I eject a Thunderbolt device using the Taskbar tool or disconnect the Thunderbolt cable, can I reconnect it again without restarting?
No. A directly-connected Thunderbolt device that is removed with the Taskbar tool or by disconnecting the Thunderbolt cable will not be recognized until you restart the computer.
Do Thunderbolt devices stay connected if my Mac hibernates?
If the battery in your portable Mac is depleted enough to cause your portable to hibernate, all Thunderbolt devices will be disconnected. Restart you computer to reconnect your Thunderbolt devices.
Why doesn't the PCI Express card I insert into my MacBook Pro PCI Express card slot seem to be recognized while I'm using Windows with Boot Camp?"Plug and Play" with PCI Express cards does not work while a Thunderbolt device is connected to your MacBook Pro. Disconnect or eject the Thunderbolt device to use your PCI Express slot.

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