Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disney Develops Technology Tactile Sensation All Over His Body

Disney Develop Technology Touches Her whole body
A technology being developed by Disney Research, Pittsburgh (DRP). If applied to the game, this technology could produce a tactile sensation all over his body.

This technology is called Surround Haptics. Through worn tool, the user can feel the sensation of touch on the body that are not even touched directly by the instrument.

If applied to the game, for example, this technology can help bring the sensation of 'flying' or 'fall' a touch of wind on the skin.

As quoted from the Disney site Research on Thursday (11/08/2011), Surround Haptics uses a low resolution grid is fitted with vibrators.

The result is a tactile sensation with high-resolution and continuous on the skin. "The technology is based on algorithms that are designed carefully and thoroughly drawn from psychophysical model of tactile illusions," said DRP sites.

Its application can be done on any part of the skin. Starting from the back, hands, palms, hips and even to the soles of the feet.

"This technology has the ability to reinforce the perception of flying or falling, shrunken or stretched, or the presence of insects crawling on skin. The possibilities are immense," said Ali Israr, researchers DRP.

Currently Surround Haptics demonstrated over a chair to play games. But the same concept could be applied to clothing, gloves and even mobile devices.

In addition to games, movies or music, this technology can also be used as aids for people with special needs.

Please note that the sensation produced will not resemble the vibrations as in the control of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The sensation is described as sliding a fingertip on the skin surface.

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