Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Friendster Social Networking Now Becoming Free Online Games

Surely you already know what it was Friendster. Friendster was once renowned as Facebook and Twitter today. Yes, Friendster was once the site of Social Networking / Social Network. But when I had fun opening Answers anyone who asks.

How to view a list of friends in friendster?

how to see the friends list on myspace gmn ya? already a long time now looks not open to change, so online gaming, if you want to see a list of friends that once we add something?

I am also confused why there are word games online?

To cure the curiosity I then tried to search on google with the keyword in the title turns friendster Friendster's website has changed to Free Online Games. I see the description also changed. Possible objectives are also different as it once again was the only Social Network.

Friendster Social Networking online games Free Online Games Now Being

When I crawl into it, the site is decorated properly online gaming sites. Like the children's site only. With its own avatar that can be selected, of course, privacy of its users will be maintained, but does not guarantee Friendster will not risk hackers and phishing data. Features games or games that are offered based on Adobe Flash and so interactive, but the score after the play was on the user's profile, unlike in Facebook users who asked for authorization when there is publication of gaming activity in the user profile.

A good strategy, I think. Friendster tried to restore interest in social networking better, attractive, pleasant, orderly and great, so as not to be outdone by any other Social Networking sites. Does this guarantee that Friendster will return behavior as before? We'll wait ...

Lol, so weird because aja neh Friendster - Facebook because kesaing same. Moreover, Google recently released Google+ Yeah (Google Plus), New Social Networking Belongs to Google. Friendster Social Networking icon biggrin Now Becoming Free Online Games

After I search for search I found information that the site Friendster has been purchased by MOL Global.
Who and what is MOL Global?

MOL Global is one of the companies located in Malaysia which operate on an online payment system as well as physically, MOL Global utilize a network of more than 500,000 online payment channels and the Physical in 75 countries around the world to collect payment of content and services. Target Market is the essence of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India.

MOL Friendster Social Networking Now Becoming Free Online Games

Friendster is a known target is targeting teens with relying on online gaming and music features days.I any Member or Friendster users can also share music online, online gifts, photos, online gaming, and use Friendster in their mobile devices.

MOL Global also has worked with 70 publishers of online games that have more than 200 game titles online. And MOL Global is also partnering with content owners and distributors of music, film and video worldwide.

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