Thursday, August 11, 2011

In order for Breast Men Do not Draw

Generally enlarged breasts grow only experienced by women, but some men actually are who have breast enlargement. How do I fix this?

In medical terms breast enlargement in men is called gynecomastia. This condition generally occurs when a male breasts grow bigger like a woman because of the overdevelopment of the breast tissue or a particular disease.

This condition is different from the pseudogynecomastia (excessive chest fat) or pectoral hypertrophy. And in some rare cases sometimes found that male breast can produce milk.

Men who have large breasts will make it a no confidence in himself. Even so there are some things you can do to cope with gynecomastia, as  from AskMen, Monday (07/25/2011), namely:

1. Change of drugs consumed
In some cases there are certain drugs that can act like steroids in the body, such as pain medications, arthritis and anti-inflammatory. This is because steroids can disrupt hormones in the body. If your breasts enlarged after taking certain medications, talk with your doctor to prescribe a different medicine.

2. Changing your diet
Changing your diet will help eliminate excess body weight as a whole, thus helping to reduce or minimize the fat that accumulates in the breast area. This is if the breast enlargement is caused by a buildup of fat in the chest.

3. Breast reduction surgery (male breast reduction)
This operation is performed if the condition is not treatable by alternative methods. During this procedure the breast tissue will be removed with liposuction techniques (fat tissue) or excision (glandular tissue), or if required to do these two techniques.

This method is only done on men who have good physical condition as well as a healthy weight so that the skin is still elastic enough and minimize complications such as numbness in the nipple, scar tissue, swelling and asymmetrical breasts (usually performed a second operation to make it symmetrical).

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