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Listening to the Future of Social Media Career Related

Senior Manager, Social Media; Manager, Social Media & Marketing; Assistant Marketing Manager, Social Media; Team Lead, Social Media; Coordinator, Social Media; Social Media Specialist; Social Media Editor; Social Media Strategist; Social Media Consultant; Social Media API Programmer; Social Media Intern; Director of Social Media Marketing; Social Media Director

The above list is some office work that is needed and one of the sites listed on job and career renowned for workers in the field of social networking, socialjobsonline com.

Director of Social Media is the latest executive positions that are part of the company's top management (C-level) and became known early last year.

Often known as the Chief Social Media Officer (CSMO), they are fully responsible for the content on social networking companies including overseeing, developing a social networking policies for all employees of the company and develop a social networking infrastructure itself.

Philippe Borremans and Rachel Sterne are the two Chief Social Media Officer first in the world. Borremans works for Van Marcke Group, a holding company headquartered in Belgium and is specialized in consulting and legal advocacy. While Rachel Sterne worked as Chief Digital Officer of New York, United States.

Statistics in the Social Networking World Users

More than half of Internet users in the world have joined with one existing social networks. In aggregative, one user has 1.6 accounts and 39% of them had two or more accounts. Nearly half of the account owner to access her account every day.

Developing countries namely the Philippines, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia is a country with the highest growth of social networking users. The results of research released by Universal McCann has been suspected by many parties, both users and observers of social networking.

Role of Professional Social Networking for Companies

The role of social networking for the company was not in doubt. In an article written earlier for the same media ("Kala Rasuki Life Social Networking Company") has been discussed about the role for the company.

The relationship between social networking with corporate marketing activity so close and tight, especially with marketing via the Internet so that the role of social networking more "play" in the realm of marketing other than the functional activity of the company.

Social networking is undoubtedly has become the media (the Internet) is very effective to get customers / new customers, in addition to retain customers / existing customers.

Everything can be achieved by employing social networking professionals who qualified. Qualified human resources available internally that the company's own employees or third party companies that are providing human resource services for managing corporate client accounts.

Burger King, Nike, National Geographic, Marriott Hotels, Starbucks and Ford is a brand that has been picking and feel the great benefits of social networking and is often used as examples of success stories using social networking for enterprises.

What is Needed From The Professionals?

There are several elements of competence which should be available by the professional social networking.

Future profession

The growth rate of Internet users in many countries, especially developing countries, the growth of social networking users, increasing the number of social networking, mobility and productivity of the world population is increasingly high, the cost of Internet use more affordable and increasing awareness of private and public companies on the benefits of social networking are some factor that makes the future of this profession into a bright and promising.

Companies that offer account management services are mushrooming. Chance of institutions offering education and training services will also increase social networking.

Birmingham City University in the UK has to offer postgraduate courses of one year duration in the field of Social Networking began two years ago.

In the United States, Rutgers University offers a program of social networking, mobile marketing and web analytics in the Mini-MBA program.

When companies need a social or professional networking at our institution ruled by implementing a comprehensive social networking, was ready we?

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