Monday, August 08, 2011

New Features 'traveling in the city' from Google Map

London - Understand the needs of tourists and commuters who use public transport in London, England, Google Maps has launched a new feature that will make visitors easier when traveling in the city.

New features in this map will allow users to plan trips using bus, Tube, DLR and trams. Users can enter departure and destination locations who wish to attend on the left panel menu. By clicking 'Get Directions', users will then be faced with the option of transportation is recommended.

These benefits will be even more pronounced for those users of Android-based smartphones in which he will explain the location of the nearest underground station or bus stop and when it arrived at his destination, he will tell the user time to come down from the vehicle.

The launch features suitable for those who have not memorized the London transport seems to be related to Olympic Games events to be held next year. Millions of people allegedly coming to the grand event.

"London is a fascinating city. The presence of Google Maps is a brilliant example of how free information that can help Londoners and tourists to explore this city," said Kulveer Range, Major Digital Director for London, as quoted from dailymail Monday (1 / 8 / 2011).

The same opinion was also delivered by Ed Parsons from Google, that they feel enthusiastic about the launch of public transportation information on Google Maps which is believed will help people not only about the local map information, but also information on public transportation.

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