Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sims enliven Facebook

Popular game The Sims franchise has already enjoyed by the Facebooker. With the presence of The Sims, Facebook's platform more robust given the games on this site like a magnet for intenet users, in addition to the features owned by Facebook itself.

Although The Sims version of Facebook is not 'deep' the PC version, but it is designed to remain attractive. With a 10-year-old dikawinkannya this game with Facebook, users will be able to post their activities on the wall or in your News Feed.

The Sims is a game that presents interactions that occur in real life. The characters in this game can become friends, fall in love, get married and break up which will affect the level. They are also diving jobs, build homes, child care, and much more.

The launch of The Sims on Facebook is part of EA's attempt to bring the game into every platform. "We want people to have the opportunity to play their favorite franchise on any platform," said John Buchanan, VP of marketing at EA Play as quoted by Forbes, Monday (22/08/2011).

In addition to The Sims, EA also bring Madden NFL and FIFA Superstars Superstars on Facebook. Own game The Sims has sold 140 million copies and collect revenues nearly USD 3 billion for EA.

The Sims version of Facebook has now rake in 7 million active users monthly. This is certainly a challenge for Google + which is currently struggling with the popularization of its network by bringing in a line of site games. (Sdj / ash)

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