Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sperm Will Not Make You Fat While High-Calorie

In general, the sperms have two dominant flavor that is bitter or sweet. If the more dominant flavor is sweet, does not mean that sperm could make fat as well as soft drinks even though they both contain lots of calories.

Calorie content in semen is quite high, especially if produced by men who consume lots of sweets. Even fruits also include the source of natural sugars, which can increase the calorie content in semen so that taste sweeter.

In a single ejaculation, on average, a man removing 15 mL of semen or approximately 1 tablespoon. As  from AskMen, Wednesday (20/07/2011), semen is released in a time ejaculation contains about 5-25 calories.

This amount is quite high compared to soft drinks on average contain 300-500 calories / 600 ml bottle packaging. However, sperm can not be said to make fat ingested even when performing oral sex, because a man's sperm can not be issued until 600 mL.

In addition in the form of fructose sugar, the calorie content in semen are also contained in the protein. Compared to other nutrients in sperm, is the largest component of proteins and protein content was almost equal to that found in egg white.

In addition to sugars and proteins, the sperm is composed of various nutrients are as follows.

Vitamin C Chlorine Calcium Cholesterol Citric Acid Lactic Acid Creatine Magnesium fructose Sugar Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium Sodium Zinc Mineral Vitamin B12.
Although many nutrients, no single study that recommends the sperm as a source of nutrition. Various reviews about the content of sperm is basically made ​​just to give you a sense of calm for those who do not accidentally swallow it while performing oral sex.

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