Monday, August 15, 2011

Twitter Release Features Photo Sharing

Social networking tool Twitter launches photo sharing, photo-sharing tool, offering the original version of a feature that until now remained largely the domain of the parties when such Twitpic and Yfrog.

The first feature was hatched to users after their introduction in June. Twitter said this week that the feature has been available to all users of Twitter.

By clicking the "What's Happening?", A camera icon will appear at the bottom and users simply click on it to add pictures to tweets.

Photo-sharing and Twitter is supported by Photobucket, which became the host (home) all the photos have been uploaded.

Photos can be uploaded can be up to size 3 MB. However, the image size will affect the number of text messages, typically up to 140 characters that can be user-tweet.

Photo features not available to mobile users. Expected to be available on smartphones in the fall, when Apple introduced the possibility of a new operating system for mobile devices.

Twitter is expected to be integrated in the system, writes CNN in a report.

This social networking site also plans to add features photo gallery, allowing users to view each photo has been uploaded.

The launch of the new features of Twitter's developers responded to cold by a third party image applications, which usually provides applications for the platform Twitter.

"Twitter come under criticism in order to compete with third-party service that is built on his platform," wrote Ben Parr of Mashable, Tuesday.

"Developers do not know if Twitter will suddenly begin to compete with their products, an issue that has created a cloud of uncertainty over ekonsistem Twitter."

In the early appearance of Twitter, while some emerging mobile applications developer believes that Twitter is planning to launch an official application itself.

Then, in April 2010, the company bought Tweetie, changing the popular application was officially belonged to him, and free (free).

Then in May, buying TweetDeck Twitter, third-party applications that use a lot of Twitter users to sort their feed.

Twitpic and Yfrog did not immediately respond to requests for comment message to this problem, said CNN in its report.

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