Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 Facts Behind the Popularity Angry Birds

Angry Birds popular games that are crazy about a lot of people turned out to save the facts are interesting to observe.

The game itself is contributing a lot of money for pembesutnya, Rovio. Reported that the company has just received funding of USD 42 million.

Here are exposed some facts behind the success of Angry Birds by Mashable, Monday (09/12/2011):

1. Angry Birds has been downloaded 300 million times and so far there are three game series which the issuance of which is: Angry Birds, Birds Angry Angry Birds Seasons and the Rio.

2. Who would have thought that the players Angry Birds spend a total of 200 million minutes per day.

3. The most widely used tool to play, is the output of products based on Android, followed by Apple products.

4. Known to many gamers play the game 'bird' is via the iPhone (32%), iPod touch (33%), iPad (15%), Android (41%) and PC (25%).

5. Angry Birds play also reportedly makes a person feel very relaxed (23%) and make a better mood (58). In fact, not infrequently he makes the players become addicted (54%).

6. Another interesting fact is peeled from the Angry Birds is that there is no 'cure' for those who are addicted to play it.

7. As many as 12% of those who play 25 times Angry Birds prefer to remove it with the aim of preventing them play it again. Then the other 12% was minded to perform this action, but they ultimately chose not to do so and continue playing.

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