Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogger Releases iPhone Application

Blogger finally released an application for an operating system IOS. This is the first official application issued by the blog service.

This application is of course welcomed by the bloggers because with this application they are permitted to publish blog posts directly from their mobile phone.

The services provided by this application is not a full service, in which the user can not edit the template or HTML, as well as manage the comments through the application. Only the main activities are displayed by this application which store (save), edit (edit) and publish posts, including uploading photos and adding location information.

This application will be available to users IOS 3.2 and above. Display face said to resemble Blogger for Android applications.

In the arena of blogging service, Blogger was overshadowed by the middle of other services like WordPress, Tumblr and other competitors. That is why Google, as the owner of Blogger has made some effort to make Blogger relevant again.

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