Friday, September 02, 2011

Compete with FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) will be Made Online

FIFA has an online version that can be played in several countries. And what about the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)? Konami also follow similar steps to create an online version of PES.

Play online soccer game was very enjoyable. Players can invite other players to form teams and compete in kejuraan they can create their own.

Concepts such as that offered through the EA FIFA Online, and Konami is working with game developers from Korea, NHN, to work on the online version of PES.

NHN addition, in truth there are several other game developers who volunteered to make the online version of PES. Call it NCSoft and Hangame, but for some reason Konami dropped the liver at NHN.

"Game maker in Korea has a large capacity in developing the game. But NHN not only has the game, but also a portal service," said Shinzi Enomoto, Vice President of Konami.

Not yet known exactly when the game began to be marketed. But clearly, promised a beta version can be sampled in early 2012 with the name of wining Eleven Online.

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