Saturday, September 17, 2011

Huawei Launches Commercial Network LTE TDD / FDD

Competition among vendors and communications technology increasingly fierce. Huawei presents the latest episode of breakthrough with the launch of a commercial telecommunications network convergence LTE TDD / FDD claimed first in the world.

By utilizing innovative solutions SingleRAN LTE, the LTE TDD / FDD Huawei touted to increase mobile Internet access with download speeds of 134Mb / s and upload 124.8Mb / s.

"As a leader of information and communications technology ecosystem continues to grow, the world's telecom operators are always looking for new ways to have the network they can be more flexible, efficient and effective in providing a modern mobile data services to its customers," said Li Zhi Wen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia.

"This is part of Huawei's commitment to provide the best network infrastructure and technologies for telecom operators in the world as jointly promote the development of mobile telecommunications," added Li, in his statement on Saturday (09/17/2011).

LTE network rollout TDD / FDD is said to be a new milestone in the development of technology of Huawei. In May 2011, companies from China, this success brings the network's first commercial LTE TDD in the world who won the award 'Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation' awards at the Global Telecommunications Business (GTB) in 2011.

Commercial LTE network rollout TDD / FDD Huawei this time working with Aero2, broadband mobile operator in Poland.

In the second quarter of 2011, Huawei itself has presented 130 commercial networks SingleRAN ready to be developed into LTE network, with 40 telecom operators have announced their readiness to bring LTE services.

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