Thursday, September 01, 2011

Laptops Two Screen Ready for Release November 2011

Good news for those who need a double screen on his laptop. A laptop with dual screen ready to be launched by gScreen and claimed to be the first in the world.

GScreen, Alaska-based company makes a laptop that has 2 HD LED screen measuring 17 inches. Each run with Windows 7 and has a capacity of 500 GB hard drive and RAM 8 GB.

Of course with dobelnya screen, he has that extra weight by 10 pounds. For comparison, MackBook Pro 17 inch has a weight of 6.6 pounds and 17 inch HP Envy berbpbot 7.5 pounds.

SpaceBook presence had been reported since long time but now GScreen confirms that the product is ready for the market in November this year but only became available in the U.S. and Canada.

In a press release, CEO Alan Gordon Stewart said that the idea of ​​making the laptop came when he was doing his job in Hawaii and need more space to do video editing, photo and web design.

Quoted from HuffingtonPost, Wednesday (31/08/2011), SpaceBook already available for pre-order at a price of 1899 USD and 2100 USD.

Previously, Acer has also produced two-screen laptop in January but did not have a keyboard in a physical form. Well, here besides favor SpaceBook double screen it also makes users comfortable with the keyboard 'normal'.

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