Thursday, September 29, 2011

Really Frequent Drinking Can Damage Kidneys Soda?

Really Frequent Drinking Can Damage Kidneys Soda?
Become soda craze many people that it tastes good and refreshing. But did you know that drinking soda craze can damage the kidneys?

If the kidneys are functioning properly, about 200 liters of blood is filtered through these organs and the kidneys each day will spend about 2 liters of urine. Functioning kidneys produce hormones that control the production of new red blood cells and helps to regulate blood pressure.

Small filters in the kidneys called nephrons separates waste products from the blood and restore electrolytes such as phosphorus, sodium and potassium back into the blood stream in the correct amount.

If you drink too much soda can cause kidney failure. In fact, if you already have a problem with the kidneys, chemicals and minerals in the soda can give extra pressure on the kidneys are already damaged and accelerate kidney problems, according to Columbia University.

Drink two bottles of soda or more per day may increase the risk of chronic kidney disease, as reported by Mayoclinic, Saturday (17/09/2011). The habit of drinking soda will expose nephrons in the kidney because of pressure from caffeine, sodium and other minerals.

Increased blood pressure from too much caffeine can also damage the capillaries in the kidney nephron. In addition, too much phosphorus or potassium will make kidney damage and cause other serious problems including cardiac arrhythmia.

Not only that, the excess calcium can accelerate the discharge of urine that form kidney stones in your urinary system. Oxalate content of the soda also promote the formation of calcium oxalate, a common component of kidney stones.

Just drink less soda will not necessarily prevent kidney stones. Staying well hydrated can remove waste from the body prior to forming kidney stone deposits. Drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day, at least six to eight glasses.

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