Sunday, September 25, 2011

Twitter can now post photos via SMS

Twitter seems to attempt to meet the needs of users who have not used a smartphone. Microblogging site that allows posting of photos now by sending short messages (SMS).

Previously, Twitter is already allowing updates via SMS. Users also can receive Twitter updates via SMS without having to open a Twitter account. However, this facility has not been able to send pictures without the aid of mobile Twitter application.

Nevertheless, the interest of users is large enough. Since Twitter supports updates via SMS to the user, as reported by Reuters on Thursday (09/22/2011), about 4 billion SMS sent and received each month Twitter.

Innovation also continues to accommodate the photo posting services via SMS. It's just that this facility is only available for 6 countries by cooperating with nine different operators. In the United States, users of AT & T, Cellular South and Verizon can take advantage of this service.

Twitter users in UK can rely on O2 and Orange. For users in Canada using a Rogers operator, Italy with Vodafone, Bahrain with the operator and the operator VIVA TIM to users in Brazil.

To send the photo to Twitter via SMS, the user just simply type in tweet text messages, attach photos like other text and sends the text to Twitter shor code corresponding to their country of origin.

Additionally, Twitter was now presenting an SMS code to simplify the user get the information useful. For example, if a user sends an SMS containing 'Suggest', they will receive a row of a list of Twitter users are eligible to difollow.

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