Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Need Systems Security on Mobile Phones?

The penetration of mobile users who sped by quickly, making the security system in this gadget is absolutely necessary. A number of antivirus vendors had already started to pay attention to this.

In the arena of discussion 'How Secure Is Your Android Phone' that was held in Aldevco Octagon House on Wednesday (21/09/2011) night, Jason Mok, Consumer Sales Manager of Symantec explained several reasons why cell phones have extra security.

"We have users that use mobile phones for browsing and access to Facebook's more than that using a computer," Jason said to the participants who attended the discussion.

Jason also claims that the amount of malware that attack mobile phones continues to increase, especially for mobile phones based on Android that the number of users continues to increase rapidly.

"That's why Norton Mobile Security has released several security features such as antiphising, antitheft and others," added Jason.

In addition to Jason, the discussion How Secure Is Your Android Phone? Lucky is also enlivened by Sebastian of community en-Android, and Effendy Ibrahim, Internet Safety Advocate & Director, Asia, Consumer Business, Symantec.

Want to know more about the threat of what was in front of the user's Android? Listen to the discussion How Secure Is Your Android Phone

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