Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The discovery of Technology Largest Not an iPod, but the Walkman

Although it was past its time, the discovery of the Walkman is still remembered today. Even a poll Walkman ordained as the second largest technological discoveries during the last 50 years, not the iPod.

Sony Walkman came second in the poll that was held by It was first introduced 32 years ago and became the prime tool music player that lets users listen to music wherever they are.

Devices made ​​by Sony is to subvert Apple products, iPods that are third. However, in the top 10 discoveries in 50 years that the technology, Apple products still dominate.

Quoted from the Telegraph on Saturday (01/10/2011), the iPhone dominated this poll, then there iPad at number 5. Other technologies that exist in the list is the Microsoft Windows operating system, YouTube, Sony Trinitron T, Sky +, Facebook and VHS video recorder.

Although the capacity of music that can be stored on the Walkman is much less than the iPod, but the Walkman has features that are not owned an iPod that is the existence of the twin headphone sockets. Two headphone sockets will allow users to enjoy music with friends. One that is in the Walkman but absent in the iPod is a replaceable battery.

"The fact that for more than 30 years of the Sony Walkman is still seen as a greater invention than the iPod is a testament to how incredible this Sony Walkman," said Kieran Alger, editor of T3.

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