Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dolby Technology HDTV Strengthen First Media

cable television service provider First Media implementing technology Dolby Digital Plus surround sound as part of efforts to increase the pay TV service offering high definition (HDTV).

"With Dolby Digital Plus as part of our HD service, users can now complete the high image quality with surround sound profound," said Hengkie Liwanto, Chief Executive Officer of PT Link Net, First Media brand owners in Jakarta, Friday (14/10 / 2011).

Additional Dolby audio, says Hengkie, is one effort to improve service and compete in the pay TV industry in Indonesia.

"The adoption of Dolby Digital Plus by First Media is an important milestone in providing a new entertainment experience for viewers Indonesia," said Mahesh Sundaram, Vice President of Dolby Laboratories Asia Pacific.

With Dolby Digital Plus, Sundaram said, First Media can deliver premium surround sound in an efficient, complete HD video services.

Dolby Digital Plus itself has been used in worldwide broadcasting standard for HDTV services, including terrestrial specifications in France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and England. Most recently he was also selected as optional audio technology for China's National DTMB Receiver, set-top box and TV that will take effect 1 November 2011.

However, to enjoy audio, customers need to add the HD digital box. Codec of the digital box is useful for distributing digital data over fiber optic infrastructure and distribute it to the TV screen.

"Through the Codec with a relatively affordable price of this, viewers need only turn on the television and then instantly be able to enjoy a new experience of watching the images and audio are crisp and clear," said Hengkie.

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