Saturday, November 05, 2011

Privacy and Security, Issues Warm Cloud Computing

Jakarta - The issue of privacy and security so hot issues being discussed about the implementation of Cloud Computing in Indonesia, which this year is its market estimated to reach Rp 2.1 trillion.

According to Director of IT & Supply Telkom, Indra Utoyo, there are seven raised about the security risks in Cloud Computing. "Seven of risk it is Privilege User Access, Regulatory Compliance, Data allocation, Secure Data, Recovery, Investigative Support, and last longterm Viability," he said as quoted from the live tweet @ idcloudforum, Wednesday (26/10/2011).

National Technology Officer at PT Microsoft Indonesia, Tony Seno Hartono, did not deny that the factor of security and privacy become two of the four most important issues surrounding the implementation of Cloud Computing in Indonesia, in addition to the limitations of internet access problems and the existence of the data itself.

"Worse knowledge of people about security on the Internet haunts the adoption of Cloud Computing. In addition, people feel more secure storing data on your own computer rather than in the cloud. In reality, the data in the cloud can be much more secure than data stored on the computer itself," he explained.

Data, said Tony, in truth certainly is safer because there are rules which require that every cloud computing service providers to adhere to regulations and related rules. For example, ISO 27 002 which is standard on information security best practices that can also be used to assess the level of security in a Cloud Computing service provider.

In addition to concerns over the safety factor, privacy is also an issue of concern to Microsoft. "The era of social media is changing the habits of people in dealing with privacy. Privacy is very important in Cloud Computing, the desired level of privacy because everyone is different. With the ability to data privacy, then each person can determine who is entitled to access or modify any information on the identification digital, "said Tony.

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