Friday, December 30, 2011

900 Million Tablet Computer to Flood World

The world is facing an era of tablet computers. According to various researches, touch screen based mobile devices will continue to grow sales rapidly.

"The number of tablet computer sales estimated to reach 900 million by 2016," said Pieter Lydian, Country Manager of Dell in Menara BCA Indonesia, Thursday (22/12/2011).

Estimated sales of nearly 1 billion units are based on analysis from research firm Gartner. One of the trigger factor is the increasing number of technology-literate younger generation.

Separate research by IDC says that in 2012, tablet computers with smartphones will prevail. The combination of both sales will exceed shipments of PCs.

"The mobile device will also be posted revenue of the sector is projected applications because there are 86 billion times a downloaded application," said Lydian citing IDC data.

For the vendor's own industry, year 2012 is considered promising. Because economic growth is projected to be pretty good.

"While this is indeed a crisis of Europe but it seems there will soon be a solution in the near future. Hence the economy next year is predicted to improve," said Lydian.

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