Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bad memories can be lost only by Sleep and Dreaming

When experiencing something unpleasant, someone usually so difficult to sleep for fear of nightmares. But according to the study, sleep and let the brain the imagination in dreams just potent eliminate those bad memories.

Research conducted at the University of California at Berkeley shows, while dreaming of the brain will activate certain nerves to relieve the tension of mind. Whatever type of dream, a reaction that occurs in general are equally soothing.

Reactions that trigger changes in the nervous system activity in the brain that occurs in the phase of rapid eye movement (REM), when the dream began to take shape. Once awake, the person will no doubt aware of what is happening in the brain during sleep.

Nervous system activity during sleep that will make the brain better able to manage emotions, so the bad memories that will not be mind again. Probably not really missing, but at least your mind can focus on other things more useful.

"When entering a phase of REM, the memory will be reactivated, arranged with a particular perspective that is connected and integrated, in certain conditions that make the level of stress completely suppressed," said Els van der Helm who conducted the study as quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday ( 24/11/2011).

In an experimental study that included 35 participants Helm adults who are physically and mentally in good health. A total of 150 was told to look at pictures of sad, as much as 2 times a day with a pause for 12 hours.

Some participants were shown the pictures in the afternoon, then sleep while disurtuh observed brain activity with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In the morning after waking, the participants in this group were shown the same picture again.

The other group was shown the pictures for the first time in the morning, then were shown again 12 hours later, ie in the afternoon. During this time the participants were active throughout the day as usual and had not slept much less dreaming.

The result sepderti expected, participants who had slept and dreamed to give a different response when seeing the sad pictures. The difference is more calm and more able to keep a distance with feelings than participants who did not get to sleep

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