Friday, December 09, 2011

Brain Just Need Time 0.2 Seconds Identifying Nude Pictures

The brain processes information faster than the naked body of the dress pictures. The brain only takes 0.2 seconds to process images naked body. The more skimpy clothes worn in the photographs, the faster information processing.

Most people really like to see pictures of the human body naked or scantily clad. Seeing naked bodies will arouse sexual desire. The naked human body is also a common subject in classical art.

In fact, the ads currently using models dressed half-naked to give a positive image for the product being advertised.

Research conducted Hietanen Jari K from the University of Tampere and Lauri Nummenmaa of Aalto University in Finland showed that the perception of the naked body encourages the early stages of visual processing.

In that study, participants were shown photographs of men and women who are wearing everyday clothes, good clothes, a swimsuit or naked.

At the same time, the visual brain responses were recorded by electrical activity in the brain. This method allows researchers to investigate the early stages of visual information processing.

The results showed that in less than 0.2 seconds, the brain processes images naked body is more efficient than drawing the clothed body. Even the minimal clothing worn in the photographs, the faster information processing, as quoted from Medicalnewstoday, Tuesday (11/22/2011).

The brain is the most powerful responses when participants saw the photos of naked bodies, the second strongest is when viewing a photo wearing a bathing suit, and weakest when viewing images with a complete outfit.

Male participants of the brain respond more strongly to the bodies of naked women than naked men, whereas women did not respond influenced participants' brain sex.

These findings suggest that signals the brain to increase sexual arousal. In addition to the brain respond, self-evaluation and measurement of the participants also reflect the activation of the autonomic nervous system according to the researchers expected, the nude pictures more arousing than other types of images.

The rapid processing of sexual signals may play an important role in reproduction and ensure the perception of potential partners to find a mate efficiently.

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