Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Destroy Google Navigation Bar

Google has just completed a redesign of the navigation bar. This maximizes the redesign overhaul that also did some time ago on Google Search, Maps, News, Reader and Gmail.

"We have now entered the final stage of the redesign bars Google's new. This will allow you to navigate quickly between our services and share content easily on Google +," said Eddie Kessler, Technical Lead Google as quoted from the official Google blog Wednesday (11/30/2011).

Yes, in essence, a new navigation bar that connects to all Google products making it easier for users to explore everything. For example, moving the mouse pointer on the Google logo will bring up a drop down menu with links to Google +, Image Search, Maps and other Google products.

Official Google Account + provides a record, the latest navigation bar released in stages starting this week until a few days ahead. So, not all users see the new navigation bar.

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