Saturday, December 31, 2011

Google Chrome Ads Raise Humanitarian Side

Google Chrome TV ad first appeared on national television as a campaign before it officially entered its first investment in Indonesia. Ads that are part of the campaign "Make the Internet Covering an area of ​​creations" It picked up the story about an Internet user (netter) that utilizes the Internet to conduct social activities. Although only lasted one minute, the ad was to convey the message and make emotion a number of people who see it.

Campaign "Make the Internet Covering an area of ​​creations" are depicted in the ad shows how a netter named Randa Valencia (@ justsilly), who cares about the activities of blood donors, utilizing internet technology for social activities. Valencia utilize the Chrome browser to search for information about blood donation, make the network by utilizing the Google +, gather the people who need blood donors, and the relief of people who can donate blood via e-mail.

Of some e-mails, Valencia can get the data of people who can donate blood as needed. Valencia then intercede for those who need blood donors and those who want to become a donor.

Ads are also uploaded on YouTube since 6 September 2011 had been viewed more than 14,000 times in just 5 days. Various comments appeared, most states thrilled to see the ads that had touched everyone. There is support social activities, some are supportive manner Valencia utilizing technology.

Blood for Life was created in March 2009, shortly before a catastrophic event Situ Gintung hit Jakarta. Initially shaped mailing list, consisting of 44 email accounts, which represents 44 members. This mailing list helps anyone who needs blood when blood needs are not met PMI. This movement is social, not on behalf of the foundation or any organization, so all patients who aided also not need to pay anything to get a blood donor. Anyone who wants to join can send a blank e-mail to Preferred is the user's Google Mail account.

Any person who is willing to join are expected to name (either real or virtual name), blood group and rhesus him, along with residency and age. If there is a need or a hospital needs blood donor assistance, the link will send you an e-mail to a mailing list that contains the request for aid donors and rhesus him, as well as in hospitals where blood donors would be carried out. Required to include a phone number to be contacted at any time. Valencia then create a blog to hold all information with address. Twitter Accounts for Blood for Life is also used to disseminate information of blood donors, which account @ Blood4LifeID.

In addition Blood4Life picked up the story, Google in this campaign is also preparing a video about the benefits of its services to families. Duration of one minute video uploaded on YouTube that depicts a father who sends a message to his future. He made a Gmail account with the name "lia.tersayang" and regularly sends special moments with her son with photos, videos, and personal messages. He hopes one day when her son was an adult open the messages. Touching.

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