Sunday, January 01, 2012

Got Despite Chrome, Google Still Embraces Firefox

Google finally re-extend the contract for cooperation with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Whereas before, Google had reportedly will stop the cooperation especially Google Chrome more and more popular than Mozilla Firefox.

Cooperation between the two search engines offer this form of ads placed on search engine pages. If Internet users are using Firefox click on the page ads in the Google search engine, Google will pay to Mozilla on the ad. Return Instead, Google became the default search engine in Firefox.

Google and Mozilla's contract expired last November 2011. If Google does not extend such cooperation, Mozilla likely to lose about 80 percent of its revenue on the advertising business.

Mozilla panic was over because Google officially announced it will extend its cooperation contract until at least the next three years.

Previously, Mozilla had time to worry if Google did not renew his contract such cooperation. Ever since Google launched its own browser, Google Chrome in September 2008, revenue from business cooperation Mozilla is declining.

In 2008, these businesses generate 88 percent of Mozilla's total revenue. In 2009, slumped to 86 percent and in 2010 again fell to 84 percent. If Google does not renew his contract in 2010, Mozilla's revenue was only 19.7 million U.S. dollars.

Mozilla and Google begin a relationship is not harmonious as evidenced by the results of calculation of StatCounter institutions that Google Chrome's market share reached 25.7 percent and 25.2 percent Mozilla Firefox only. While calculating Net Applications institutions reached 18.2 percent of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox reached 22.1 percent.

From the results of StatCounter, Chrome has proven that beyond Firefox, came in second place after Internet Explorer. While Net Applications institutions would be acquired by Chrome in April or May 2012.

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