Tuesday, January 03, 2012

4 Trends in Virus Spread in 2011

Year 2011 has had its day and changed to 2012, many events that occurred during the year 2011 ranging from natural disasters such as floods, droughts and even earthquakes, then how about the spread of the virus in cyberspace?.

The spread of the virus in 2011, has experienced many changes compared to previous years mainly from the current method of distribution has not only take advantage of removable media devices such as USB flash or external HDD.

Android developments are so rapid in the year 2011 participated giving a new color in the spread of the virus, Macs are so far in the claim as the most powerful OS viruspun of attacks began on the list of target virus.

This proves that no OS is immune from virus attacks, as more and more and more OS poluper is in use, the more prone to attack the virus.

In general, the trend of the spread of malware in 2011 was divided into 4 (four) types, namely:

Virus injection

Viruses are designed specifically to inject files that have been determined, usually in the form of frequently used files such as EXE file that has the extension.

This method is used as a form of self defense in order to live long and difficult to eradicate. In the year 2011 there are some viruses that have the ability to inject files like Sality / Virut or Ramnit.

Especially for viruses Ramnit than inject the file has the extension EXE will also inject a file with extension DLL, HTM and HTML that is what makes Ramnit become champions during the first half as the most widely spread virus.


Rouge antivirus / fake antivirus / antivirus false, is malware that disguises itself as security such as antivirus programs. Scareware is designed to scare the user by displaying false alerts that inform you that your computer is infected with malicious programs.

For certain cases would cause the user can not run the application. Scareware / fake antivirus trial so it is usually to get the full version, users need to register by sending some money to the address specified.


FaceBook virus, the current rise of facebook penguna be one factor in the increase of phishing attacks in 2011. Phishing is specifically designed to divert users to mengakases to websites that have been determined.

The website has the exact same view with the original website in order to steal important information such as usernames and passwords and other important data, including its email data.

Virus Android

Android is tremendous growth and is shown by the increasing number of Android users Ditahun 2011 the "motivate" the criminals to make a virus and become a "field" just after the previous attack Microsoft's operating system.

Beginning with the emergence of viruses that use the program Angry Bird and still, this proves the current Android OS bukanlan safe anymore.

Macintosh which has often claim themselves as the OS is immune from attack viruspun started to become the target of a virus that appears in the first half that disguises itself as security software Macintosh with the name "MacSecurity".

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