Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anticipation of Disaster, The World Bank Data Complete Google Map

Google took the World Bank in making the global map to help oversee public services better and increase efforts to respond to disasters that occur in all parts of the world.

"Our new collaboration with Google Map Maker` `represents an unprecedented opportunity to utilize one of the most complicated mapping technology," said Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President of the World Bank Institute (01/19/2012).

According to Sanjay Pradhan, global mapping program's ability to gather information from the public, such as data on schools and hospitals will create both transparency and accountability.

The cooperation of the World Bank and Google will enhance the ability of many developing countries to access the network-based community mapping cyberspace.

It is also useful because most developing countries do not have a local data base, among others, related to the location of schools, hospitals, or clean water point.

Although these data were held by these countries, data is data that has often "out of date" or no longer valid or is not correct.

One way to gather such information is to ask directly to the citizens and collect from the audience about the location of public infrastructure.

Under the partnership, Google will provide for the World Bank and its partner organizations, including governments and UN agencies, with access to "Google Map Maker" which underscores the geospatial data that includes detailed maps of more than 150 countries.

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