Saturday, January 28, 2012

challenge Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive Rely and MS Office

Microsoft openly challenge Google in the business of cloud computing services or cloud computing. Through a two-minute video, Microsoft is trying to influence the Google Docs users to switch to using Microsoft's SkyDrive and Microsoft Office.

This video illustrates the general argument of Microsoft, about how the SkyDrive combined with the Office can provide a solution to avoid frustration when using Google Docs. Microsoft is also packed with interesting argument.

This video tells the three students, Alissa, Jamal, and Max, who gets the task of astronomy papers. To save time and improve efficiency, they chose to do the work together online, using cloud computing services to collaborate with each other wherever they are.

At first, they collaborate on tasks in a single document using Google Docs. But then came the problems. In Google Docs, they can not make an interesting chart, a heading, or unsightly image layout. In fact, they need to copy a job from Google Docs to Microsoft Word to tidy up the format.

This is the same work twice and spent time, so the argument about who were trying to convey in this video. Google Docs is portrayed not as powerful and SkyDrive service from Microsoft Office applications.

Eventually, they switched to using SkyDrive and Office, where they can still do the work together online.

Alissa do the work in the campus library. He did a log-in to the site, then create a new document and distribute it to Jamal and Max.

In the paper, Alissa found to make the introductory task. Once completed, Alissa gave a note to Jamal who was working on assignment in the room of his house. Jamal found out the make a nice chart using Office. After that, Max's turn to make the graphic layout.

Back to the library, check back Alissa astronomical papers that have been adorned by two friends. The task was already looks neat and unsightly, Alissa simply add conclusion.

Video titled "SkyDrive and Office from Microsoft" is impressed underestimate Google Docs. Service from Google is considered unable to make the work as good as using SkyDrive and Office.
However, all of it back on user preferences. Because most GMail users are already comfortable with Google Docs.

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