Monday, January 30, 2012

Downloading the Android Market Translucent 11 Billion

Google recorded a hit as many as 11 billion in the Android Market until the fourth quarter of 2011. Whereas early December Google announced the achievement of the download as much as 10 billion.

This means that during December 2011, the downloading of the Google reached the 1 billion. The rapid download on Android Market reasonably suspected to be triggered by increased activation of devices with the Android OS.

Currently estimated there are about 700 thousand Android devices activated every day. Even at Christmas last year, in two days, there were 3.7 million Android OS devices were activated.

Applications are available in the Android Market was all for free. Partially paid. Interestingly, many applications of interest paid Android device users.

Popular paid applications on Android Market, among others, Asphalt 6 HD, Color & Draw for Kids, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, Fieldrunners HD, Great Little War Game, Minecraft, Paper Camera, Sketchbook Mobile, Soundhound Infinity and SwiftKey X

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