Friday, January 27, 2012

Facebook and Twitter Jealous Google Plus pampered

Google steps in pampering + Google search engine Google to make Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, unite to create a "weapon" to went.
The tool is named "Do not be evil". This name was adopted from the motto of Google itself. Indeed, "Do not be evil" is an add-on (assistive devices) to display search results more objectively related to social networking sites that exist in the world.

Beginning in January 2012, Google has a search system update, dubbed "Search, plus Your World" (SPYW), Inside are features of the Personal Results, which can show a more personalized search results for its users.

If you do a search with Google, then on the right side of the page will pop up several relevant links from Google +. However, Google does not display links from other social networks.

Google's action is not deemed fair by Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, because Google + is at the forefront of search results.

For this reason, the programmer of the three social networks create add-on "Do not be evil". The protest was at once warned Google to be more focused to serve what the user sought, rather than promote its products.

To get the "Do not be evil", you must visit the site specially designed by the programmers of the three social networks.

Unfortunately, Do not be evil not yet worked up to the search results in Indonesia. Because, Google itself has not released SPYW services in Indonesia.a

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