Thursday, January 05, 2012

Glorious Mission, the Game Simulation Chinese Army Combat

Beijing - China plans to release a special simulation games to hone their shooting skills of their soldiers. In it, players will be fighting against U.S. troops.

The game was called Glorious Mission, which was developed by Wuxi Giant Network Technology Inc. in collaboration with the Nanjing Military Command. This game is designed specifically for the members of the People Liberation Army (PLA).

In addition to a specific community, this game also discourse will be released to the general public. It's just that it is still waiting for the certainty of the local government.

"We're just waiting for approval for release into the community," said Zhang, one of the developers of the game, as quoted from huffingtonpost, Tuesday (01/03/2012).

If nothing gets in the way, Glorious Mission is scheduled to begin play in the society in May 2012. Besides having a campaign mode, this game has a multiplayer feature that supports up to 36 players at once.

China is not the only country to release a game simulation of war with U.S. soldiers as targets. Earlier, Iran also had similar games that made ​​up his frustration on the Battlefield 3.

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